Haiti: day three 5/17/2011

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been trying to get back in motion with my life in LA. It’s not easy being gone from home and work for a week. It’s been weird being back in LA, I look at everything a bit differently now. I feel like none of us have it that hard – […]

Haiti: day two 5/16/2011

Day two in Haiti… We had to be out of the house by 8:30am to trek it out to the top of the mountain to distribute shoes to the students of MTM(the school/church). We gave away about 700+ pairs of shoes. It wasn’t an easy task because we had to take down their shoe size, […]

Haiti: day one 5/15/2011

Getting out of the states for the first time was definitely one of my new years resolutions, I’m glad that it went through *checks that off the list*. We Melissa(Zodiac USA), Todd(Brown Shoes), and the Brown Shoes team, teamed up with Soles4Souls organization to service shoes out to Haitians at orphanages and schools… My jaw […]


Traveling to Haiti from Los Angeles isn’t an easy one, especially with a 9 hour layaway in Miami… Being in the Miami airport with Melissa was boring times. Miami was far too humid for us to go out and enjoy.. I was more than excited to get on the plane after being stuck in Miami […]