Zodiac shoot 12/16/09

My day started around 8am. My iPhone’s alarm went off 2 hours before and I completely ignored it… I was late and had to be in downtown at 9, but I was lucky because I only lived ten minutes away(driving). Once I noticed what time it was, I jumped out of bed and headed off to downtown for a photoshoot for Zodiac Shoes. Once I arrived to the destination, I called Rony, who was actually the photographer of the shoot,  to see which floor I go to for the shoot…


When I entered the room, everyone was running around and prepping. I know I had to start running around soon too, just so I would fit in.


My buddy Ozzie(stylist) was in the zone as well, just look at concentration on his face!!


The only person who was relaxing and taking it easy was my friend Christy(model). Maybe she was getting mentally prepared for the shoot?


I was shooting video for the company while Rony did all the pictures. Seriously, never seen rony so focused. I bet he’s thinking about Zelda Obama


The shoot was tons of fun. I got tons of great footage and Rony got loads of great pics. Check out more pictures after the break!!!