Vine or it Didn’t Happen

Are you guys on Vine yet? “Vine is a mobile app that enables its users to create and post 6 second video clips.” It’s currently one of my favorite apps at the moment and it’ll only take at least 6 seconds of your life away. Here are some of my most recent loops from my Vine collection.

Last weekend I did live visuals and light design for a new monthly club called “Bassline LA.”

My older brother had a killer houseparty at our place. Unfortunately, I had to finish up some work, so I couldn’t really participate :/…

I had the awesome opportunity of reeling like a rapper for a bit and driving around in Riff Raff’s awesome porsche.. It was difficult going back to my Prius afterward.

Getting in a nice shakeweight workout at work. These are the things that happen when I’m waiting for a project to render.

My coworker, @Tambybear, getting jiggy w/ it.