Today was good

Today was definitely one of those days….
So first, my 3d fundamentals class was cancelled.

On the way to Pinkberry I ran into this chill dog that was kicking it. while chilling with my friend I received a phone call; Whoopi:Hello? Person: Hey can you come to the private screening of spike lee’s new film? Whoopi: Can I bring a friend? Person: Ya Whoopi: Dope.

So we rolled out to Hollyhood and went to the Chinese Theatre.

This event was insane!!! So many celebs EVERYWHERE!!! Everyone was V.I.P.
The film is amazing!!! Since I left a tad bit early so I could use the restroom, I ended up running into Spike Lee and I congradulated him on making such an amazing film…Spike is my homie now, LULz. I must say, today was a good day.