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So I got a new point-and-shoot to replace my DSLR for the times when I don’t want to carry it around due to bulkiness. Had the opportunity to test it out today at work…



img_0015 I met up with one of my bestfriends, Cory, from highschool at Bay Cities in Santa Monica. Cory was that dude who I use to run the hallways with causing mayhem. Great to see him doing well and staying out of trouble!


img_0021 After lunch, Kosta and I had a cool little meeting with Ashley and Bobby(The Hundreds).


img_0033 Afterward, we went downstairs to chat it up about the McDonalds’ apple pies, OWS, and a lot of other randomness.


Bobby Did an awesome write-up. Click the picture above to check it out!

Escape from wonderland

Over the Halloween weekend I was hired by my buddy, Dan Block(through V Squared Labs), to assist him in some VJing at Escape from Wonderland. I was beyond stoked to work with Dan at the Dubstep/DnB stage for the whole event. IT WAS EPICNESS!

img_8785 We mixed up clips for artists such as Crizzly, Subfocus, Brookes Brothers, and Borgore(to name a few). Dan and I are huge Dub/DnB heads, so it was the perfect stage for us. Good times.


Lulz. I think I’ve been tweeting that all week. Here’s why…

About 2 weeks ago Jason Bentley contacted me about doing some live visuals for his set. I’ve worked with Jason on two other occasions(Coachella and the Tron installation at Comic Con), and it’s always been good times. As I read more into the email, he brought up that he was opening for Deadmau5. I kinda geeked out and was incredibly stoked…



img_8562 The Mau5 had an epic setup!!



I had a blast doing visuals for Jason’s set, he killed it. I was rear projecting content onto two 13 foot displays. It was waaaay intense! Super thanks to Jason Bentley, XL Video, my iPad and my Macbook Pro :D!