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Tall Tales Podcast

I was invited to chat with my buddies Jason Stewart(Them Jeans) and Nikki Jagerman on their podcast Tall Tales. Had a lot of fun talking EDM, dating, Social media and Snoop! Check it out here.

HARD DOTD 2014: Pink Stage

For the Halloween weekend I was hired by visual arts studio, V Squared Labs, to handle live production at HARD Day of the Dead, a 2-day music festival out here in Los Angeles. Here are some pics of the stage setup I ran that weekend.

DSC05999 copyDSC06285 copy DSC06095 copyDSC06120 copyDSC06373 copy

I shall call it….The Whoopmobile

So when I came home today from filming there was a vehicle in my drive way. My mom was like “Whose vehicle is that? It must be your uncle’s or something.” and I replied “oh…maybe he’s talking to the neighbors.” Afterward, I went up into my room and I hear my mom say to me… “Ashten, your uncle would like to see you” me being not in the mood to see relatives, I slowly walked down my stairs to greet him. My mom then told me that he’s inside of his car, so I looked outside and I said to my mom that there’s no one in the vehicle. She then jumped at me and said “I know!!! It’s your new car!!!!!”

It’s my Whoopmobile(96′ Ford Taurus). :D…Now it’s time for me to put dubs and neon lights under it and maybe even a spoiler!!!


So after a long wait and crazy searching, I finally got my iPhone. Since I got out of film school early today, I decided to hit up my mom to see what was up with her. She was waiting in Santa monica to get my iPhone. When I met up with my mom at the apple store I saw that she was already in front of the line with her amex in hand. She ended up purchasing the 16gb(white) one for me, I must say it’s pretty sweet. Thanks mom!

forget BBs it’s all about the iPhones.