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Estoe And Jim

Being 24 I’m starting to experience and embrace being an adult. It’s weird… I don’t really consider myself an adult. Yes, I have a full-time job at a marketing agency, pay my own bills, own a car that I bought and haven’t asked my mom for money since I graduated from high school. But I still eat candy until my stomach hurts, watch cartoons religiously, have crap grammar, own every gaming console and can write an essay out of¬†emojis(wait what?) – So technically, I’m still a Toys R US kid.

Though I don’t really consider myself a grownup, a lot of my close friends are starting to jump right into adulthood. A couple weeks ago I confirmed my attendance to my friend’s, Jimmy, wedding. As the event neared, I realized that I was in no way shape or form prepared. I asked around my older friends for help on what I should wear and what I should bring as a gift. I was overwhelmed, but completely up for the challenge…

DSC06453 copy

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