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Here comes the king

Last week I contacted my friend Mykola Dosenko, a pixel artist from Urkaine, to see if he wanted to collaborate with me on a project for Snoop Lion. I told him that we had a budget, but only 2 days to work on the project. With 48hrs before delivery, Mykola and I decided that he would design, and I would animate and edit the video. Our workflow was solid, the only thing hindering us was the fact that I live in the US and Mykola was in Ukraine. We squashed all that by deciding that we weren’t going to sleep. Here’s our product :]

I’m happy with how the vid turned out, especially since it’s a lyric video and with the time we were given. This is actually one of my favorite tracks from Snoop Lion project. Super thanks to Mykola for working close with me on this one, we had fun meeting via Google+ during it all. Shouts to the 10 hour time difference!!

Stoked: reincarnated

I can’t lie. I’m pretty stoked that Dogg is switching over to reggae, working with Diplo/Major Lazer on the Reincarnated album, and partnering with VICE on a documentary to go with said album. I’m not saying this because I work within Dogg’s realm, the trailer alone looks amazing!!!

Weekend shoot

I spent last weekend working on set for The Airplane Boy’s new music for their new track featuring Twista(produced by Diplo).  We had a blast when we partnered up for The Airplane Boy’s Coachella performance, it was awesome to be working with them again…












img_9635 It was a fun 14hr shoot in San Pedro. Our director, Colin Pierce, had everything running smoothly from the first shot to the last. My role on set was DIT and VFX supervisor, I had to make sure our RED footage was dumped securely and our VFX shots were marked properly so that they’ll be good for post. It was definitely a long day, but the crew was determined to have a successful shoot. Now it’s time for some post-production, where I’ll be handling the VFX.

24hr tour

Last Sunday, thanks to Alexander Spit, The Hundreds took me out to San Francisco to do visuals for their The Hundreds and Diamond Supply Co. ‘Forever Summer’ party…


img_0081 Once I arrived in SF, the first thing I could think about was food.



img_0102 Though this was only a 24hr trip, I had a chunk of free time to wander the streets of SF.



img_0117 Once the sun went down, it was time for me to head over to the venue, Public Works, and setup to do some live visuals.

img_0123 It was a wild show! The event ended around two, right afterward we all headed back on the bus so it could take us back to LA.