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E3 2013

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to go to E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) on my birthday to check out new games, consoles, and experiences.








img_1348-copy It was exciting to go hands-on with the next generation of home entertainment. Companies like Sony and Microsoft(sorry Nintendo) are really pushing to take over our living rooms in the most virtual and interactive way possible. Personally, I’m very stoked to get an Xbox One when it comes out in November.

[CLIPS] Vegas Got Chosed

I went to Las Vegas for the first time ever last weekend and had a really fun time. I was invited out by one of my coworkers who was going out there to do press for a Red Bull event, but had a good amount of time to play before and after. There was a pretty big group of work buddies that ended up out in Vegas. We got to eat awesome pho, see some b-boys battle it up, and listen to Diplo drop bangers at Surrender.