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.:GAME RANTS:. • Hotline Miami(OSX) •

I found a new addiction.. Luckily, it’s just a video game addiction which is nothing new.

I’m really into this game called “Hotline Miami.” It’s a top-down action game that’s repetitive and full of weapon, gore, and stress. I don’t know what it is about this game that keeps me coming back for more. You can grab it for half the price on Steam, i recommend you grab it now before the price goes back up. Also, Check out some gameplay below!

Stoked: WFH beta 5

I’m forever stoked off of video games, but lately I’ve been really stoked on up-and-coming indie video games. I spent my Sunday beta testing the 5th build of Waiting for Horus, a third-person fast paced shooter that’s currently in development…







screen-shot-2012-08-26-at-5-23-46-pm WFH is stylized like Jet Set Radio Future and has the FPS of Unreal and Quake. Thanks to the Trixel engine powering it all, the game performed like butter. Can’t wait for the master release!

Street fighter x tekken 3/1/12


The other night I went out to the Street Fighter x Tekken release party that was going down in DTLA. My ex-coworker, who now works over at Konami, got me and some other work-buddies on the VIP list for the event…

Videogames + music + art + snacks = AN AWESOME EVENT! Of course I didn’t win one match, but I still had a blast button mashing with a bunch of fanboys.