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Mobile flicks: production

Being stuck in post-production most of the time, I always forget how much I love being on set contributing some labor. It’s always rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, being stuck in front of a computer editing, comping, tracking.. etc is amazing(it’s magic!), and it’s where my heart is… But being on the production stage surrounded by lights, monitors, talent, and die-hards is always tons of fun. Though I’m on set at least once a month, I feel like I lost really working on set when I gave up filmmaking and decided that I was just a “digital media artist(computer work only)”… W/e that means…

img_1649 Today I was on a shoot for a commercial way deep in North Hollywood.


img_1652 Had a blast while I was there, stoked to see the commercial on tv in a couple of months.

Unfinished business

No matter what kind of artist you are, you will always have work of yours that hasn’t been fully finished. That could be because you missed deadlines, lost inspiration, or you just got caught up with other work.

I’ve had a couple projects unfinished. They usually start off with full of inspiration and a clear picture but then because of something, it’ll slowly die.. die.. BURN!!

snoop_animated_3samp In early December I was put on a project for Snoop Dogg’s single “Wet”. I was pretty stoked to be on such an awesome project for the S-N-double-O-P himself. Matter of fact, I was so stoked, that I created something that couldn’t be fully made with the equipment that I had.


snoop_animated_5samp With all concepts approved and everything animated, I then had to render out multiple HD shots to stylize and edit. Unfortunately, to render out those clips, I would need a lot more power than expected. My graphics card on my 3 year old iMac and on my 1 year old Macbook Pro, just wasn’t powerful enough to output everything on time, which meant that I couldn’t deliver the product by it’s deadline :/…

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Support aidan!

My buddies over at Beautiful Decay are working hard on a great cause. For every subscription they get for their magazine, they will send $2 to Aidan to help him raise funds for his fight towards Leukemia. Check out the story told through B|D…

From Beautiful Decay:

It’s not often that I post artwork by kids but the Aidan really struck a chord with me. Aidan is no ordinary 5 year old boy, in fact he is quite extraordinary. What sets him apart from most kids is his love for all things scary. He loves monsters, clowns, drawing, and dressing up. He doesn’t wait for Halloween to roll around to have an excuse to wear a costume. And you better believe while in costume he will break character for nothing. His Drawings are full of attitude and motion, featuring werewolfs, scary clowns, and ghoulish monsters (i.e. my favorite stuff!) We’re probably the first art blog to feature Aidan but don’t be too surprised if we shortly become the first Art publication to feature him as well!

Another thing that makes Aidan different than most children is that on September 13, 2010 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  He was strong and pulled through his first round of chemo all while teasing his nurses and vistors. Although this was a small victory, Aidan unfortunately must go through 2 to 3 more years of chemo treatments and everything that goes along with that.

In an effort to help raise funds for Aidan Beautiful/Decay will donate $2 dollars from every subscription from October 29th to November 30th towards Aidan’s medical bills. It’s a small gesture but with the help of fellow B/D Cult members we can help raise money for a good cause and support our fellow artist Aidan. Make to forward this post to all your friends. I know that times are tough but one of our own needs us! So get those wallets out, get a subscription or two to Beautiful/Decay and help us kick some Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ass!