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Thanks, 2011

2008, 2009, and 2010 were amazing to me, but 2011 definitely hit the spot when it comes to me reaching my life-achievements by the age of 21. I couldn’t thank my friends and family more for the support…

Hanging with Dan

sdim0029 One of the bigger projects I started off with in 2011 was a project.. Actually, I still can’t talk about this one since it hasn’t released yet. I can say that I worked with composer, Dan Licht, composer of Dexter on some awesome stuff!


img_0341 Last year I was given the opportunity to leave the country for the first time and film in Haiti. Super thanks to Melissa and Zodiac USA for bringing me. It was an experience of a lifetime.

EDC Experience

The EDC Experience movie dropped last year, a movie I worked on in 2010. It’s funny how the first in-theatres feature movie I worked on, was a movie about a rave. #irony

img_8560 It still blows my mind that I did opening visuals for TWO sold out Deadmau5 shows at the Palladium… Crazy.

Tech Week

img_8519 Got a super high-end iMac.

What Summer?

I released my first mixtape, mixed by my good friend Beateaz.


img_2817 I went to Colorado for the first time ever to visit my bestfriend.

Me and The RZA connect

It really did happen!

2011 was an unforgettable one. I had great adventures with awesome people and I don’t regret anything that happened last year… I had a blast. To those who were apart of my 2011, thank you. I wouldn’t had been able to do it without any of you guys. There’s tons of posts that didn’t make it, check out my full list of 2011 higlights on my Tumblr.

BRING IT, 2012!

RAM swaps

Earlier this week I received a package from OWC(Other World Computing). In the box was 4x4GB modules for my computer. I recently purchased a high-end iMac for my bedroom studio and I didn’t max out on RAM because purchasing RAM from apple is WAAAAAY too expensive. Instead I got my 16GBs from OWC…






img_8610 If possible, I usually do all hardware installations myself. I’ve done RAM swaps too many times to count, and this installation was just as easy as others. I did realize that I have a faulty memory bank so I may have to take Whopper(my iMac) in to the genius bar soon, but it’s all good!