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I’m back in Los Angeles and fully recovered from SXSW. I was out in Austin, Texas to handle live stage production for my job’s  showcase, Respect The West. This was my second time attending  SXSW, and it was nonstop the whole time…






dsc01643-copy Once I landed, I took a taxi over to meet up with the rest of the Cashmere Agency team at AirBnB park. We produced an awesome event with AirBnB showcasing Snoop’s Dogg House and the top west coast hip-hop producers.



dsc01828-copy Later that I night I ended up at a Media Temple’s party that was filled with Def Jam artiss. I was actually in line to get into the event and ended up meeting two peeps from Google who were able to get me +3 of my coworkers in. It was a packed event – I saw Pusha T, Method Man & RedMan, 2 Chainz, and Schoolboy Q. I never knew Media Temple, a web hosting provider, could throw such an massive party.





dsc02430-copy Respect The West was the next day. We had a super early load-in time with multiple production crews running around. I was handling the stage production which consisted of 8  x 55″ vertical displays + 4 LED light bars(You can check out more on my stage setup on my Behance). Though we had a couple of hiccups, we did manage to pull off another successful event that consisted of awesome guests and performances.


dsc02469-copy My last day in Austin was spent meeting with my buddy, Sam, that I used to work with at Apple 3 years ago. Sam currently works as an engineer at Mutual Mobile, a consulting firm that specializes in building mobile experiences. I was able to check out their office full of standings desks and thousands lines of code being written.

dsc02470-copy Austin was exciting, stressful, and of course, weird. Can’t wait to go back.

Retina iPad Mini

I may have gone on a pretty ridiculous mission to get the new Retina iPad mini that Apple made quietly available today. It all started when I was in my office and my coworker, who is also an Apple fanboy, convinced me that we should pick up our minis. We called around to multiple stores, but they were all sold out. Using the Apple Store app we were able to find a store that still had the mini in stock. Unfortunately, it was the Apple Store all the way in Thousand Oak that was holding our tablets hostage. On our lunch break we took the 45 minute mission to retrieve our iPads, it was definitely worth every mile.

This would be my second iPad I’ve owned. I received the iPad 2 for my 21st birthday 2 years ago and haven’t stopped using it until now. The retina iPad mini blows my previous tablet away! The mini looks, feel, and interacts better than my previous one. I was pretty astonished how much more I enjoy apps like Tumblr, Alien Blue, and Twitter on the mini’s display, since I downgraded from the iPad 2’s massive 9.7 inch display.  Though the screen is smaller in size, it’s still packing a retina display which makes the content you’re viewing pop. With it being more mobile than it’s big brother, I can now incorporate it fully with my daily routine without hesitating if I really want to lug around a 1.4lb device. I’m really looking forward to using the mini to it’s full potential.

Vine or it Didn’t Happen

Are you guys on Vine yet? “Vine is a mobile app that enables its users to create and post 6 second video clips.” It’s currently one of my favorite apps at the moment and it’ll only take at least 6 seconds of your life away. Here are some of my most recent loops from my Vine collection.

Last weekend I did live visuals and light design for a new monthly club called “Bassline LA.”

My older brother had a killer houseparty at our place. Unfortunately, I had to finish up some work, so I couldn’t really participate :/…

I had the awesome opportunity of reeling like a rapper for a bit and driving around in Riff Raff’s awesome porsche.. It was difficult going back to my Prius afterward.

Getting in a nice shakeweight workout at work. These are the things that happen when I’m waiting for a project to render.

My coworker, @Tambybear, getting jiggy w/ it.