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Shooting with alex 3/2/10

Today was a full day of filming with Alexander Spit. About 2-3 weeks back, I met Alex in person and we chatted about us collaborating and making some vids for his up and coming project(that info will be released soon). Today we met up to work on some cool stuff that’ll be released soon…




img_8087 We shot all around the neighborhood, from the taco stand to the arcade.




img_7997 Afterward we drove out to The Hundreds to capture some more clips.

This chick had a great amount to say about condoms… So, umm… Use them, ok?

img_8114_0 Alex and I wrapped things up(no pun intended) at his place. It was a fun/busy day for us, the video should be dropping in the next couple of weeks, don’t sleep! Also, check out Alex latest teaser for his music video “No Baking Soda Allowed“. If you’re interested in seeing more pics from today,  just check them out after the JUMP!

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Peace 2009(09 wrap up)

I never really “look back”, I always keep looking forward and make sure I head in that direction as well. Writing this post has forced me to look back into my past adventures and experiences… Wow, I’m forever having a great time, and that’s what life should be about, right? 2009 was another epic year for me. I’m a 19 year-old in Los Angeles who runs around the city meeting amazing people, working on projects, learning(the hard and easy way), teaching others, and forever doing everything with a smile. I love life and I refuse to have any regrets. Now, Let’s get started with the highlights of my 2009….

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The best way to spend labor day

Everyone come out! This will be my 3rd year going and it’s going to be loads of fun! Great music, good food, and chill people. See you guys there!


The Hundreds block party has been CANCELLED. Unfortunately, The Labor Day event is no longer going to happen. I was super bummed after reading the whole breakdown of the situation. I was fortunate to go to the 2nd(All Work. All Play.) and 3rd(The Payoff) annual block parties that TH threw and I had a blast! *SIGH* Time to figure out some new plans. Check out the post HERE for all the details.