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More pics from Japan!

This is a continuation of my previous Japan post

DSC08518Burger Kings in Tokyo are way different from the states. Believe it or not, the Samurai Aka burger was really delicious. Note: I don’t eat Burger King in the states.

DSC08521 DSC08530 DSC08535Snaps of Shibuya. Where I spent most of my time when I left my Airbnb

DSC08593 DSC08542 DSC08546DSC08549 DSC08561 DSC08567DSC08590 DSC08587Misa was the first person I met up with when I got to Tokyo. When ended up at a restaurant where you can fish for your own food and they’ll cook it.

DSC08710 DSC08727Akihabara aka Electric City. If you’re obsessed with tech, anime and weirdness, you must go here!

DSC08762J Rocc of Beat Junkies spinning at Sound Museum Vision in Shibuya.

DSC08808Had a blast with these guys! Nothing like making new friends while traveling.

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Google Glass Pick Up

Earlier this week I received an invite to join Google’s Explorers Program. The program allows devs, bloggers, geeks, and Google fanboys to get involved early with Google Glass. Those early adopter are then apart of a team that shapes the future of Glass…

dsc00763-copy After making an appointment, I dropped by Google’s HQ in Venice Beach to pick up my Glass.



dsc00727-copy I was brought into a Glass setup room where I was partnered with a Glass Specialist for an intimate walkthrough of the device.



dsc00697-copy Unboxing Google Glass was mindblowing. I was astonished by the amount of tech that was packed into such a small device. After syncing up with my Glass, I quickly realized that this bit of hardware is next up. It may look ridiculous, but the experience reminded me of the first time I got my hands on the first iPhone, it made sense and worked. Wearable tech is on it’s way to our lives, get ready.

dsc00754-copy Once I was done being setup, I was given an awesome tour of Google’s campus. Check out their famous Google Doodles hall!

Instagram’d – music and hardware

I had a pretty exciting week on Instagram…
After work, I was invited to GLK’s album release show out in Downtown LA.
Poolside performed across the street from my job at Chiat/Day’s 5353\\\ Music\Art\Festival. It was awesome seeing my buddy, Turbo Tito aka Filip, perform. It’s  was my first time seeing the group live.
Besides all the musical surprises, I was gifted a WeMo from Belkin to see what creative stuff I can come up with. Really excited to get my hands on this piece of tech! It’s the spark to home automation.


This week I went over to SIGGRAPH  that was being held in Downtown at the Los Angeles Convention Center. SIGGRAPH is an international conference and exhibit that concentrates on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Said event exposes a lot of up-and-coming tech that will be booming in the VFX industry in the next couple of years. Being the geek I am, I had to attend to test out the toys!!








img_9843 I was like a kid in a candy store. There was tons of motion capture tech, tons of augmented reality, tons of 3d scanners, tons of hardware, tons of software, and tons of drool on the floor… I had a blast. Stoked to see that tech is heading in the right direction. For companies that build hardware, they’re heavily keeping software in mind by making sure they work hand-in-hand. Plus, I was seeing a lot more consumer-friendly products, which is great for the indies. Super thanks to Intel for the free badges!