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Peace 2009(09 wrap up)

I never really “look back”, I always keep looking forward and make sure I head in that direction as well. Writing this post has forced me to look back into my past adventures and experiences… Wow, I’m forever having a great time, and that’s what life should be about, right? 2009 was another epic year for me. I’m a 19 year-old in Los Angeles who runs around the city meeting amazing people, working on projects, learning(the hard and easy way), teaching others, and forever doing everything with a smile. I love life and I refuse to have any regrets. Now, Let’s get started with the highlights of my 2009….

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The final banana split sunday 11/1/09

This Halloween weekend was bound to end eventually. I and everyone else who was with me this Sunday definitely ended their weekend with a banger. It was the last Banana Split Sunday, it was held at Bardot and everyone was ready to dedicate their energy and dance moves to DJ AM…

Funny. This is kinda how my night started. Me doing some editing in a hybrid before heading out to Hollywood. I’m forever on my laptop, always doing something.

Once we got to Bardot, there was a line that went aaallll the way down to the end of the block. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait in that line. 😀

So many familiar faces all around, I refuse to list everyone!

It was pretty awesome, so many people came through and showed love.


To see more pictures, check out the set on my flickr.