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Today was good

Today was definitely one of those days….
So first, my 3d fundamentals class was cancelled.

On the way to Pinkberry I ran into this chill dog that was kicking it. while chilling with my friend I received a phone call; Whoopi:Hello? Person: Hey can you come to the private screening of spike lee’s new film? Whoopi: Can I bring a friend? Person: Ya Whoopi: Dope.

So we rolled out to Hollyhood and went to the Chinese Theatre.

This event was insane!!! So many celebs EVERYWHERE!!! Everyone was V.I.P.
The film is amazing!!! Since I left a tad bit early so I could use the restroom, I ended up running into Spike Lee and I congradulated him on making such an amazing film…Spike is my homie now, LULz. I must say, today was a good day.

Filmed with cellphones?!?!?

Spike Lee has currently collabed with phone company Nokia. Why? Well, Spike is planning on partnering up with Nokia because he is planning on shooting his next film with nothing but the VGA cameras on cellphones! Nevertheless, Spike is making this a user-submitted film!!! So expect me to send something in to Spike lol! For more info check out the source below.