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Peace 2009(09 wrap up)

I never really “look back”, I always keep looking forward and make sure I head in that direction as well. Writing this post has forced me to look back into my past adventures and experiences… Wow, I’m forever having a great time, and that’s what life should be about, right? 2009 was another epic year for me. I’m a 19 year-old in Los Angeles who runs around the city meeting amazing people, working on projects, learning(the hard and easy way), teaching others, and forever doing everything with a smile. I love life and I refuse to have any regrets. Now, Let’s get started with the highlights of my 2009….

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Justice X Target?

So this is a pretty old story, oh well. So the store Target started selling a shirt that resembles one of the shirts from Justice’ D.A.N.C.E video. Well today I actually saw someone at my school wearing the shirt, I was kinda shocked but hey…it is kinda koo, I mean they did bit off of SO ME‘s design. Check out the pictures below.

Here’s the picture I took today –

Here’s the animated shirt SO ME did –

Do you see the resemblance?
(thanx Joshton for the pic)

Since we are the topic of Justice and D.A.N.C.E., I found a rough draft of the D.A.N.C.E. video, which has been out for a while actually.

Rough Draft-

Final –

They took out a lot of stuff.


So I was doing my hourly blog browse when I popped up on Panda Toes’ blog. I must say that Panda Toes is always the first to get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on music. Saying that, he posted the new Justice video, DVNO. Thanks Greg for informing me with the goodness of Justice!First of all, PROPS to So ME( the artist beind this video) for all the great work he has done. Though it’s the same idea, So Me decided to step it up from the Pen table he used to make Justice’ D.A.N.C.E and Kanye’s Goodlife. In this video So ME decided to bring his skills to another level by doing a lot of 3d work, I mean through this whole video everything just made me say OMG, THAT’S FUCKING AMAZING!!!!! I wish I could do stuff like this, anyways, I thought the ending was def. the best part. The transition from a animated piano to Justice playing the piano was the shit.SICK!

If you didn’t notice it’s based off old television station bumpers. Bumpers are little animation clips that companies would use to distinguish their stations. Like the NBC peacock logo.

For Example: