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Welcome to graduation

Lets just say that today was HECTIC for me.

In the morning we(the seniors) had to meet up in the auditorium to listen to a lecture from our principle about graduation.

After the lecture we headed to our gyms for “rehearsal”. Which consisted of us walking out of the gym…..even though our graduation is on the field…

Then it was time for us to receive our cap and gowns. Dudes were going insane trying to get inside first, almost fighting actually.

For me, I just kinda slipped inside without any death threats.

Then I received my graduation tickets and my cap & gown.

Time for graduation…I did it!

possession of marijuana1?!?!?

Are you fucking serious1?!?!?

So today I was just sitting in class doing work. Randomly, school security comes in my class. He then asks my teacher if I can leave with him, I honestly thought it was a April fools joke because I’m not really a super duper trouble maker but I do like to cause some mischief every now and then, but nothing super bad. So he took me in a room and tells me to put my bag on the table and to spread my legs. I have no idea what’s going on, this dude is feeling me up and going through my pockets. When school security was done seducing me with his claws he then told me to sit down. From there, he went through my bag and in my wallet. Before he went through my wallet he asked “do you have any narcotics or objects that will stab or poke me” I replied “Nope!” in a friendly manner. He then scrapped through my wallet, finding my ID with my fake Senior lunch pass sticker. Once he found the sticker He said “This is a fake sticker isn’t it?” with out letting me reply, “We’re doing an investigation on students who are selling these stickers to their peers and you are the main host behind it” “WHAT!” I replied in a astonished voice. “Ok I’ll be honest with you, I did make mine in photoshop, but I never got the chance to sell any of them” I said. He then ignored me and put down my ID and started to look through my wallet again. Right then and there, he pulls out an empty Marijuana bag. “FUCK! I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!!!!” I thought to myself. In a cracking voice I said to the security person “Woah! is that?!….oh..that’s from like 2 years ago when I use to smoke. I really forgot that I had that in my wallet!!1 uumm….ya….”. I was then walked down to the police station (at Hamilton) and told to sit down. I wasn’t scared a bit, I even offered to pee in a cup for them to prove that I didn’t have any THC in me. They declined the offer. After all the questions about my life and if I was a criminal, I was then given a ticket for ‘POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA’. damn, I received my first ticket before I turn 18. Great! Now I have to go to court and explain myself to a guy in a robe.

There’s way more to that story that I didn’t type. If you want to know more visit your local Library or aim whoopi at Whoopirolla