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Lets skip day 3 and go to day 4 7/3/08

Day 4 of film school was definitely a killer. Today we focused on my main shit, editing. Though we were working on the industries finest, Avid, I was still able to pick it up pretty easily….though I prefer Final Cut Pro any day.

With me only getting 3 hours of sleep, the day started with everyone(including myself) writing….
and Tracy(my homie I’m going to AX with) being hopped up on Starbucks.

Our first class was editing on Avid. Antoine and I decided to team up on this one and to demolish the task they gave us….

somebody happened to take a pic of me editing….well…my hand editing.

Afterwards we had more writing to do but it was pretty chill…

Our last class consisted of the “art” of editing….I’m not gonna lie…it was a bit boring. Overall today was pretty dope. Now I’m ready for the weekend!

I also received my Anime Expo Badge, Thanks Tracy!

Day2 7/1/08

Day 2 of film school…I must say that this only gets better. I’m a dude who hates school and yesterday I sat through a 3 hour lecture about directing then another 3 hour lecture on cinematography. Surprisingly, It kept my attention and I was actually interested. Here are some pics from yesterday…

Our speaker for the night was Bob Grigg. Dude is real close homies and the main photographer of Hell’s Angels which is pretty intense. Overall the program is only gets better.

ICF 6/30/08

I have yet to talk about my summer program yet. I received a $11,000 scholarship to this film program called ICF(inner city filmmakers), my filming partner in crime, Antoine, received a $12,500 scholarship from them as well. It’s actually at USC and some other place in Santa Monica, so it’s pretty dope!!!! Well anyways, today was my first day attending ICF. immediately they put cameras in our hands and told us to go out and make a 2 minute silentfilm with in-camera editing. For the first film I kinda took control of everything, I was mostly the cinematographer for most of it. For the second film I kinda sat back and let the other peeps learn the stuff I already knew how to do. Here are some pics from the first day.

Sorry for the lack of pics, ICF keeps me mad busy.