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Day 14??? 7/17/08

So my day started with me waiting in line at the Apple store at 9 in the A.M. Well that kinda didn’t happen so I went to film school and was welcomed with….

In-N-Out catered to us today…Hella free food. Unfortunately, I don’t eat beef so I had to chill with the grilled cheese, that one cheeseburger was for a friend.

Afterwards, we then headed off to the back lot of Universal to check out their different sound stages.

I was told that I couldn’t take pictures inside so I had to take some ninja pics in the studios. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics

Then it was back home…

One of the films they were working on was Watchmen, I actually got the chance to watch a scene from it. It’s crazy because a lot of the 3d rendering wasn’t finished which was pretty interesting.

Day 8 7/10/08

Today was too cool, I went to kodak. Not the theatre but the actual kodak building!

Once we got to Kodak we had a chance to jump right on the cameras. Messing around with a half-a-million 35mm is crazy!!!

Then we watched some stuff about the Kodak Vision 3 film.

Our last class was lighting, which was pretty dope. all-in-all…today was a good day

Day 6 7/8/08

Day of film school was pretty legit…

It all started with Directing class. We went over storyboards and all that stuff..

I usually get the same thing for lunch everyday, Jamba juice and macaroni and cheese. I even convinced my homies Tracy and Abelino.

My camera/cinematography/lighting class was insane! I received the chance to direct a scene the whole class. It was hectic though, working with dp, time, lighting, actors…etc..all-in-all it was a lot of fun. But…I certainly don’t want to be a director…I think I’ll stick with editing and special Fx…maybe even some camera work.

After my last class we were served pizza(Tracy once again hooked it up with strawberry soda for me) before our Tuesday night visitor came. Our visitor was a production designer, dude was actually pretty funny for a person in the film scene. peace.

Day 5 7/7/08

Day 5 of film school started for me at mid-night….

I was typing up my script and procrastinating my ass off to some Halo 3 on Xbox Live.

My kind friend Tracy brought me my favorite soda

Then a lecture

I was interviewed

And I wrote ideas to add on to my script