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Shoot #2 7/28/08

So today was my day to film my short, it was def. a lot of fun. We also got a lot of work done. Check out the pics below…sorry, no captions.

Everything went pretty smoothly though, I honestly hate being a director and telling people what to do. Editing is my main thing :D. I’m finishing up the last bits tomorrow.

Day 20 7/24/08

So I know I’m not posting the stuff I usually post. Sorry about that… I know my blog is turning into a “Day in the life of a student filmmaker”. Well if you guys didn’t know, all I do is wake up, film school, home, and repeat. That’s basically my routine until August 25th. So the goods will be back soon, just give it some time. With that being said, I went to a visual effects studio today….

Throughout the building there was hella cool stuff. Even some secret stuff that’s not going to be shown for a while.

The visual effect artist were hard at work. This is the job I want, sitting in front of the computer….all day.

The way 35-70mm is slice and diced.

Render farm….so many terabytes….too many.

Day 19 7/23/08

So my memory card for my Dslr has kinda been confiscated. Supposedly, The main person of the film program I’m in has seen my photos or something on the web and I’m not suppose to post a lot of the pics I’ve been posting or something like that. So I’ll try to get that worked out soon…hopefully. Anyways, our lecture-person for today was Jon muthafuckin Chu. The director of “Step up 2 the streets”. He’s dope as fuck! Sorry for they iPhone photos…


He’s currently battling Mandey and Miley in the “biggest dance battle”. This is his work.

Here’s another.