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Editing day 2 8/11/08

Man, What a fun/crazy day/night I had….

Mid-day I met up with my homie, Aki Turner, at The Hundreds to help him release his skate flick, TKE THT! Which should be coming out this week or next week for free.

After working that out, I roller to Lantana to start working on my film in the editing office. They feed us crazy junk food during this time.
Around 11pm some peeps and I went to the beach to just shoot the shit.

This is where the epicness starts. So after editing for about 3 more hours me and 6 others decide to get some fresh air outside. We go to a park, we got bored, and we migrated to a different spot. The spot we went to was SMC(Santa Monica College). It was maybe like….1:30. So we decided to play some extreme hide and seek. After hiding and seeking for a 40 minutes we then run into a cop. First we ran, Then we came back because we ran into a cop car. Luckily there was only one cop. He was seriously the coolest cop ever! Once we told him we were film students he kinda just laughed at the fact that we were playing hide and seek on a college campus. The officer could’ve been an asshole to us, but he was equivalent to the cops from superbad. Thanks officer E for not being a dick.

We then ended the night with Denny’s, the waitress messed up my meal. I didn’t pay. Wrd.

Editing day 1 8/9/08

To start things off, I won’t really be home much this week because I’ll be spending long nights in the editing office. Today was the first day of editing for me. Actually…. Instead of editing, I chose to work on my visual effects…

I had to do some extreme masking/keyframing on this one. This clip was actually one of the easiest.

The only thing that was keeping me quiet throughout the editing process.

After being glued to the monitor for a good 4 hours, I convinced a friend/counselor to let me make a food run with some of my peers while he stayed and monitor the students.

After finishing up for the night we rolled down to the sand and spent the night there.


shoot #5 8/4/08

Shoot #5 was definitely a hectic one. Our locations were pretty good, but the filmmaking process needed some work for this one.

Most of the day I was bored and very impatient. I just stayed on my iphone most of the time. Speaking of iPhone, I hacked mine. More info on that in another post.


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been out and about working my ass off on different films. Today I finally had a chance to finish up my film….and lets say this…if I pull everything off correctly the ending should be pretty dope…..

These are my two actors(whom are bestfriends) for my final assignment. They both just finished doing some work for Disney and one of them even had their own tv show. CRAZE!!!! They’re both fucking hilarious though. More like a real-life Superbad. Yes, that is a kilt.

After filming I rolled out to The Knitting Factor. Sketchy bathrooms FTW!!!!!

I went to see my friends band play, pretty good.

The way a night should be ended. Peace.