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Wednesdays 9/10/08

Usually all the fun stuff that goes down for me is during the weekend. During the week I’m at school or AA(on fridays). Well here are one of the better days during the week….

Got to school(Pico Tech AKA SMC) a bit early….

This is what happens when I get bored in 3d class. I attempt to make homer simpson(still working on it), now we have to make a fruit bowl by next week. out of spheres and stuff….

So I finally have a college friend, we actually went out to eat some Titos….Titos has one of the best salsas I’ve ever had.

I was also taken to try Boba for the first time today. It’s pretty good(well what I had), It was a spot on sawtelle near Giant Robot. Wrd.

Gotta stay productive

My life is seriously turning into a day in front of computers. I’m not complaining, I just hope not to go blind by the age of 24. I’ve been working on some stuff here and there. But I’m currently working on a film that will be submitted to the Sundance Film Fest. If it gets in I’ll be flying/driving out there for the festival of films.

Today I edited(the film for sundance) in an insane editing booth. It was made for editing whatever you want. From visuals to sounds. Pretty legit.

My week in a nutshell

My week has been going incredibly fast…Maybe it’s because I’m out of highschool or because I’m always out and about doing something. Well, here’s what went down this week.

School is cool.

I also skated for the first time in MONTHS. It’s crazy, all the peeps who I skated with when I first started were there. These were the people who invented the name “Whoopi”.

American apparel stuff…

I grew a weird obsession for chicken tacos..I had 5 from AA.

I had to make another promo vid, the finished product looks really nice and the AA peeps liked it. That’s my week.

formal/party/recovery 8/21-22/08

For you guys that don’t know, for the WHOLE summer I’ve been in a film program. The first 4 weeks we spent our time in class at USC. For the next 4 weeks we go through pre-production, production, and post production for our films. At the very end we have a huge ceremony…

Dressing up is something we both don’t do. Kelsey and I both made a promise to wear dressy clothes for this event so that we wouldn’t feel too weird…mainly because our parents wanted us to.

There was a run-through when I went in the theatre and they were showing my film.

I also received an award/scholarship for the 2nd top edited sound…well that’s what the judges thought. The judges were from the Motion Picture Sound Editors, which is pretty huge, btw.

After the ceremony I went home to chill. Then around 1 a.m. I received a phone call asking if I was going to the party. So I went.

Say fuck that shit!


Annoying drunk people annoy me.


The next day(today), I was hella exhausted but I had to make my way to FOX studios.

It was koo. Oh, I saw the unreleased teaser/trailer to Notorious(Biggie Smalls movie) it was definitely epic shit!!! it comes out early 09.

I was on TV!!!!

Click the picture to watch the clip.
I gave them the good ol’ “this is the greatest experienced that has ever happened to me” LOL!
Media love that stuff though…wrd.

It’s like finals all over again

I’ve been very busy the past two weeks, I’ve been doing mostly a bunch of post-production work for my film. My sleeping pattern has changed like crazy, instead of going to sleep at 2-3A.M. I go to sleep at 4-5:30 A.M.
I’m not stress out at all though, but one thing that has been bugging me is that I haven’t been keeping the feeds I usually post on updated. Sorry about that. My postings on EYLTH, Twitter, Whoop This, and w/e else I do that has a RSS feed will be back to the norm by next week.
For now, here are some pics from this week.