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Overwatch World Cup – Los Angeles

I don’t really hide how much of a geek I am anymore. I enjoy building computers, developing apps, and I also work at a tech company. In addition to all of that, I’m heavily into the game Overwatch right now. I started playing on Xbox, but things got way more serious once I made the switch to gaming on PC at the beginning of 2017…


DSC00366Fast forward to 8 months later and I’m catching the Overwatch World Cup in a hangar at the Santa Monica airport, to watch multiple teams repping their country duke it out in 6v6 comp.

DSC00383 DSC00426 DSC00441 DSC00445 DSC00475 Odubbbbbsss squad Ron and Kellen came to join too!

DSC00468I’ve been to multiple gaming events, but this was my first time attending an eSports event and Blizzard did not let me down. Everything from the broadcast production to the energetic crowd really emulated an arena sporting event. I can’t wait to go to another one, hopefully that will be at Blizzcon :].