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British Columbia is so beautiful!

I went to the most beautiful place for work last week, British Columbia…

DSC08217DSC08229 DSC08250 DSC08261I found myself back in Canada, but instead of landing in Toronto I ended up in Vancouver>Whistler>Pemberton. I was astonished by the wilderness! Being a kid from Los Angeles, I never really get to see much greenery. Another reason why I was shocked is because Toronto looks NOTHING like this!

DSC08237When in Canada, you gotta get that poutine.


DSC08299 DSC08317 DSC08325 Immediately after getting to the hotel in Whistler, I was on my way over to Pemberton to setup for Pemberton Music Festival. The view we had while during  prep had me in awe.

DSC08340 DSC08357DSC08351DSC08369DSC08376 DSC08386Pemberton Festival brought nothing but nostalgia. It made me miss the old days of Coachella before it evolved into the commercial behemoth that is it today(still <3 u Coachellz). Everyone was there purely for the music.

Now that BC is on my radar, I will definitely be taking the 2 1/2hr flight up north to get away from the concrete jungle.