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If you knew me 6 years ago

If you knew me about 6 years ago, you would know that I was a major computer nerd. I had a.d.d so I was never able to go to sleep because of medication. Instead of sleeping, I would stay up all night learning how to hack into peoples yahoo account or creating my own h4(|{$(hacks)/$(r1p7$(scripts) for games like counter-strike, unreal, half-life…etc…Well, tonight I decided to get geeked out a bit on my mac. While using VMware Fusion as an emulator, I managed to install Ubuntu(a linux based operating system) on my computer…

This was my latenight project for myself and I did it! I’m still a major geek/nerd but I don’t hack or do that type of stuff anymore(so please don’t ask me, I’ll say no). Thanks to Andrew(Apple co-worker) for helping out with tips.