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Mobile flicks – november

About a couple of months back my old camera was stolen, and the only way I could keep this site going was to take pictures with my iPhone and post them. Well now I have a new camera for events I go to, but I still take pictures with my mobile device. Since the pics are just stacking up, I decided to bring back Mobile Flicks on Whoop This! Check out all the pictures after the break. Enjoy!

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Mobile flicks: 9/28-10/3/09

The flicks that are on my phone at the end of the week

Starving ourselves the last hour of Yom Kippur….

Post-Yom Kippur

Playing some UT while waiting to get my car from the shop.

I like to randomly send pictures of dead animals to Lauren, she hates me so much when I do that. But I find it hilarious… I think I’ll do it now. *grabs phone*

An interesting night Venue we(BenZona) played at.

Gonna need a new wallet soon…

My car(left). Big bros car(right)

Yogurtland homegurl* pt.2

<3 Nicktoons.
The best invention ever!!! A vending machine that vends Lunchables!!


Mobile flicks: 9/20-27/09

The flicks that are on my phone at the end of the week

Randomly kicking it with LMFAO, because they rock the beat and rock the show.

Bruin Bashing.

Yogurtland homie.

Karma <3s me waaaay too much.
asian fish, white fish, black fish?

Club crush, with eyes wide open.

Candy boyee

Lola dog.


We have the same specs!

I’ve been doing this for years.

Like home.


The drive to San Bernadino for Nocturnal.

You will never see me with candies on my arm.

Backstage watching DJ Falcon kill it!

Can’t remember who was DJing, I think it was SKREAM! who dropped an epic Hold the Line rmx.

Zinastar dancing her heart out to some dubstep.

AerObama! Tons of ravers chanting Obama, AWESOME!

The morning after. Dead, exhausted, and trying to remember the night before…


Mobile flicks: 9/13-19/09

The flicks that are on my phone at the end of the week


Lunch with Jess.

Random trip to the O.C.

Class work :/.

Veggie burger.. Mmmm…

Teamwork is the best work.


Pop champagne!

Uhhh… ?

Mmmm.. PURPLE!

Gotta get the moms something nice.

Dinner with Switch and friends.

Sup Dawg!

Children wake up…

Hold your mistake up.

With my lighnin’ bolts a glowin’…

I can see where I am goin’.

Oct. 16th

Gelato = Night ender.