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Mobile flicks: march

March has definitely been my favorite month(in 2011) thus far. So many changes happening so fast, it’s a bit hard to keep up with my own life. In March big changes such as me leaving Apple, having a gf, new job at Cashmere Agency, new people/friends, somehow being able to grab tickets for coachella(see you there), and new adventures are popping up at a rapid rate. Luckily I’m able to catch a good amount of these moment with my iPhone. Click the image below to check out the changes(pics)…


Mobile flicks: january

It’s official, we’re one month deep in 2011. It’s crazy how fast January came and went. It’s been a busy start of the year for me, tons of upcoming projects, tons of learning over at Zoic Studios, and tons of normal work(to keep $$ in my pocket). Luckily, I haven’t gone crazy yet and I still have friends, so I assume that things are going great for me. Through all the busy times, I was still able to snap around shots with my iPhone. Click the picture(new Mobile Flicks style whaaat?!?!) below.