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Gotta stay productive

My life is seriously turning into a day in front of computers. I’m not complaining, I just hope not to go blind by the age of 24. I’ve been working on some stuff here and there. But I’m currently working on a film that will be submitted to the Sundance Film Fest. If it gets in I’ll be flying/driving out there for the festival of films.

Today I edited(the film for sundance) in an insane editing booth. It was made for editing whatever you want. From visuals to sounds. Pretty legit.

No way

So I’m currently doing my “Can’t sleep so I’m going to browse every website in the world” routine and I came across this on The Hundreds. It’s pretty legit.

A jailbroken(hacked) iPhone with The Hundreds theme. I kinda feel beaten with this. As you guys probably don’t know, when I first got my iPod touch I jailbroked it and made a nice The Hundreds wallpaper for it.

Here’s my iPod touch from when I jailbroked it.

This is my hacked iPhone 3g, I think it’s time for me to customize a special The Hundreds theme to top the one at the top of the post.


A dumb iPhone user probably just made the worse mistake of his life by purchasing a thousand dollar app store application off his iPhone. The iPhone user thought it was all a joke, well Apple doesn’t joke around. This guy is fucked.

iPhone nano?

There may be an iPhone Nano in the making and it may even be out for the holiday season. The iPhone Nano would be a downgrade version of the iPhone 3g with a touch wheel layout and a screen on the other side. I doubt it’ll be as cool as the original, but we’ll see.