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Today I ran into…

Tay Zhonday, Mr. Chocolate rain. I was working over at the genius bar and spotted said Youtube celeb around the Mac Pros. I approached dude to snap a pic of him because my manager loves “Chocolate Rain”….

Honestly…he’s not as nice as he looks..w/e..but I couldn’t stop laughing, I just couldn’t believe he was at my job.

I thought you were my homie iPhone

So…I got caught up…basically. I sometimes use my brothers I.D. for “shows” and whatnot. I was texting my homie Switch™ about going out to Cinespace tonight for Dim Mak Tuesdays. Well, while going back and forth in texting, somehow one of my text messages was sent to my mom about me using my brothers I.D. to get into Cinespace. Well, that text was sent to my MOM!!!! She called me out…and no Cinespace for me tonight basically. If this happens again I’m going to get a Blackberry. Wrd.

Here’s what I sent her..it’s the last messaged.

ALSO!!! I’m not the only person this has happened to! Check out the pic above.