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I got a new toy

Being a huge techie, I never really buy myself neat little gadgets anymore, mostly because I have one that does EVERYTHING!!!

Today I bought myself a new gadget, the iPhone 3gS :D.

I bought mine this morning around 5am and I must say that it’s AWESOME!!! So fast/powerful.

ALSO!!! I discovered this sweet game today called Dinosmash. DinoSmash is the first fast-paced online multiplayer shoot’em up for the iPhone and iPod. it’s only 99cents and it has that SSB style to it! It’s currently my favorite game on the iphone, so buy it and play against me …then get PWN’D!!!

Sorry, I’m not selling any of my iPhones.

Where are the poppies? 5/3/09

I’m usually the type that stays home on a Sunday(if I’m not working). Instead of staring at my monitor and having a lazy Sunday, I ended up on a great adventure about 2 hours out from Los Angeles…

Instead of taking the Mazda3 like we would usually do, we thought it would be a good idea to take the pickup truck for this mission. Great call.

We picked up our friend, Lauren. Then headed out to get some food before our long drive to nowhere.

Last stop in L.A. was at Subway. They took waaaay to long. Never again.

So we were actually heading out to the poppy fields somewhere not to far from Lancaster. Why would 3 L.A. kids want to go to see some Poppies? Well, why not?

So there was kind of a problem once we reached our destination. We couldn’t really find the poppy fields, we were pretty sure we were in the right area but didn’t see any of THESE. After checking our iPhones for information, we found out that the poppy season just ended. I hate to say this but…FML. So now we were stuck in the middle of nowhere.

After finding out the bad news, Ron and I kinda got into an argument. We ended up whipping out our switchblades and going at it. Actually, we just thought it would be fun to attack each other with switchblades.

Though the poppies were gone, we ended having a great time in the middle of nowhere. Who needs poppies, right? There’s a lot more to this day then I posted, but this is enough. Wrd

Here are some pics I took with my iPhone using the ShakeItPhoto application. It basically adds a polaroid effect to photos. only 99¢.

Freelance monday 4/27/09

So I’m sure most of you guys think that I’m just some type of party animal since all I post about are shows/events/parties I got to. Well, that’s not exactly true… I do work at Apple, I go to school at SMC, and I still do a lot of videos(just not Whoopi Productions). We’ll today I went in to the American Apparel headquarters in DTLA to do some freelance work on some Ads for their website…

Sup Dov.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many layers when using AE. Usually I would do greenscreen for AA, but not so much this time.


Coachella weekend 4/17-19/09

I just got back home from the most epic music festival that I’ve ever been to. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s a 3 day event with tons of performances and art to keep you entertained for hours! That’s right, I went to Coachella.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t planning on going to Coachella at all this year. Luckily, Val convinced me to go with her, here’s my journey to my first Coachella…

With Val’s dad(Jose), driving and me backseat DJing, the drive to Palm Springs wasn’t as dreadful as I expected it to be.

Once we got to our hotel we decided to relax poolside with some friends whom met up with us there.

The weather was just right in Palm Springs.

Afterward, we went to this Benihana-ish place. Our chef, Jeremy, was pretty hilarious…stand-up chef comedy is where it’s at.

SATURDAY(iPhone Pics) –

It was hot at Coachella, but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the day.

The first sets I saw was Para One and Surkin. Both DJs killed it in different ways.

After the sets in the Sahara tent, I headed out to TV On The Radio. They performed great, but I think they performed a bit better when I saw them in San Francisco.

M.I.A.’s performance was full of energy. She even had some of the audience come up to the stage.

One of the last performances I saw on Saturday was MSTRKRFT. I’ve seen MSTRKRFT about 3-4 times and I can gladly say that they get better every time I see them. They performed a lot of tracks from their new album ‘Fist of God’. To end their set, they had John Legend come out and perform the MSTRKRFT remix of ‘Greenlight‘ and one of my favorite songs off of Fist of God, ‘Heartbreaker‘.

Sunday –

It was an incredibly hot day on Sunday(hotter than Saturday).

Caught some shade in the Sahara ten while listening to Busy P mixing it up for a bit.

Lykke Li’s performance was very enjoyable, especially when she performed ‘A Milli’ at the end.

Everyone was looking foward to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs including myself. They played older tracks and some new stuff off of their latest album ‘It’s Blitz’.

Random pics.


Etienne De Crecy set started and ended with a bang! The visuals we beyond creative.