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Japan with The Uwaga Pies

I took a solo trip to Japan a couple of weeks ago. Why? Well… I went out there to finalize an iPhone app I’m working on(more details on that soon!) and to meet people to chat with about said personal project.

Since I was traveling alone, I reached out to a couple of peeps from the internet who could possibly show me around and make me feel more like a local and less like a gaijin during my two week stay in Tokyo. The top buddies I wanted to hang out with were Youtubers, Kasia and Krzysztof from The Uwaga Pies. After exchanging  a couple of DMs on Twitter, I found myself in Japan being Filmed by Kasia on multiple occasions…

DSC08618 DSC08615 DSC08598 DSC08602The first time I met up with Kasia was in Ikebukuro. I had asked her to take me to her favorite ramen spot in Tokyo and she definitely delivered when she brought me to Mutekiya Ramen. We bonded a bit more when we  found out that we both share a massive love for eggs.

DSC08643 DSC08644 DSC08662DSC08659DSC08658The next time we hung, Filip from Poland joined us to play with cats at a cat cafe, eat yakitori and sing some karaoke in Shibuya. Our night didn’t end until about 4am and our karaoke bill came out to about $210(yikes!).

DSC08799 DSC08782One of the most heartwarming moments I had with The Uwaga Pies was when Kasia invited me out to a rare houseparty/BBQ outside of the city. It was a perfect group of foreigners and locals enjoying each other’s company. There’s nothing like making new friends in a completely different part of the world and this BBQ opened my eyes to that.

Big thanks to The Uwaga Pies for making such a meaningful impact on my second trip to Japan. Please make sure to check out the amazing videos on their channel and Subscribe!