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No way

So I’m currently doing my “Can’t sleep so I’m going to browse every website in the world” routine and I came across this on The Hundreds. It’s pretty legit.

A jailbroken(hacked) iPhone with The Hundreds theme. I kinda feel beaten with this. As you guys probably don’t know, when I first got my iPod touch I jailbroked it and made a nice The Hundreds wallpaper for it.

Here’s my iPod touch from when I jailbroked it.

This is my hacked iPhone 3g, I think it’s time for me to customize a special The Hundreds theme to top the one at the top of the post.


Jailbreaking genious, Dev team, has just recently released a new program to hack the new ipod firmware 2.0. Surprisingly, they did it waaaaay sooner than expected. They still don’t have a crack to unlock the sim for the iPhone 3g but they’re working hard on it.

If you’re a iphone owner with firmware 2.0, then click the picture above to hack your device.

Digital billboard gets |-|4(|{3Ð!

Artist Skullphone Decided to take his creativity to another level by not just bombing billboards, but HACKING the new digital billboards you see around Los Angeles. He was able to hack 10 digital billboards and post his ‘digital’ art in between ads.

I honestly give mad props to this guy! When I first saw these new digital billboards my first thought on it was “I wonder how it would be to hack one of those”. I am soo glad that someone has achieved this.

For more info check out Supertouch