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Sunday shoot 8/19/12

Last weekend I partnered up with my team over at RudeTOON Records to work on a music video for Marvel the Gr8‘s next single, “Sippin'”. We linked with William Carnahan for direction on the vid and Sam Shimizu-Jones for camera work. They brought over their team to help with production, I handled dumping the footage from the Scarlet since I will be editing the footage…



img_0338 Our friend, Sean, who produced the song, was kind enough to let us shoot at his place in Los Feliz.



img_0187 Our camera of choice was the RED Scarlet. We shot 2k for most of the shoot(and some 4k stuff here and there).

img_0210 When I wasn’t on set, I was on my laptop reviewing shots, backing up footage, and prepping the clips for the transcoding process. Losing our footage is the last thing we would want to happen.


img_0240 We had the RudeTOON cat, Mini Kitty aka Taco aka Gracie, on set with us as well!!!


img_0260 The shoot went incredibly well. Our team was on point!




img_0419 Our cast was awesome too!


img_0482 It was great working with all our friends on this one. Usually I’m stuck in the office working on projects, so I forget how much fun it is to work with your good buddies on set. It was super fun times, thanks to everyone for their hard work!!!


I went out to NY with my bestfriend, Ron, and his college homies from Colorado. It was my first time in NY and it was the first time I was traveling when work wasn’t involved…




img_9229 The flight to the east was a rough one. I’m just now getting use to flights since I didn’t start traveling until 2011 .

img_9231 I arrived in NY around 1AM. It was awesome seeing time square fully lit with LEDs… Yup, the first time being in NY and all I noticed were the displays. lulz..

img_9241 We stayed at the Pennsylvania Hotel, which is about 6 blocks from Times Square.


img_9247 Walking around in the city was awesome. My first bite to eat was a bagel sandwich thing that I got from Bagel Maven.

img_9249 The first store we went to was B&H. I never had so much fun in a store before, they had EVERYTHING!! Best store ever FOR SURE!





img_9285 My first cab ride in NY was to Interpid Sea, Air & Space Museum. We wanted to do some tourist stuff, so we figured it would be best to drop by and check out some crafts!



img_9324 Afterward, we took the subway to ground zero… Man… That was tough for me. I had no idea.. It was hard for me to imagine what happened 11 years ago.



img_9412 Though I didn’t get the chance to meet up with my buddies out in NY, I made sure to see my good friend, Katrina. After graduating from LMU, Katrina went out on a whim and made the move to NY, then ended up landing a job at the offices of Ralph Lauren. We met up at The Smith for brunch where we chatted about our jobs, her move from LA-to-NY, and how Shake Shack may be better than In-N-Out.





img_9473 One of my favorite spots that we visited was The MoMA. I was pretty impressed and could’ve spent the whole day there.



img_9518 I had a blast in NY, it was a great first time experience. There’s a ton of stuff I didn’t get a chance to do and I’m already planning to make my way back before the year is up. I really enjoy how everyone in NY is hustling and working hard to better themselves and their situation. I can DEFINITELY see myself living their…


Seis de mayo

I didn’t really go out on Cinco De Mayo, mostly because people dedicate said holiday to drinking… and I don’t drink. The day after was a whole ‘nother story! Seis De Mayo was fun times, got to hang out with buddies I don’t usually see and got to grab some grub…

img_9117 Seis De Mayo started at Rony’s(Rony’s Photobooth) place out in Eagle Rock.




img_9130 I love parties at Rony’s place, it’s always like a huge photo shoot for a lookbook in his backyard. Yeah, that’s what it’s like.

img_9131 After Rony’s, I headed over to Mike, Dan, and Jason’s housewarming party in Mt. Washington. It was a lot more mellow than the previous party I was at, but the vibes were just right.





img_9167 It was a fun get-together and their new place is super nice. We ended the night pinata bashing(Is it weird to call it that?) and eating the candy that was spilling out of the pinata’s guts.

Coachella 2012

I think I’m finally fully recovered from Coachella, guys. Going both weekends definitely wasn’t easy for me, but I got threw it and had blast…

img_0295 A couple weeks prior to Coachella, I spent tons of hours rehearsing with The Airplanes Boys. They grabbed an evening spot at the Gobi tent on Sunday and I was lucky enough to be handling the stage production for their set(hence the reason why I was there for both weekends).


img_8932 Our awesome publicists, Kristen, was killing it with booking interviews for the guys. I never ran around to so many interviews before, it’s was lot of work!














img_8873 Since I was fortunate enough to go to both Coachella weekends, I made sure to see as many artists as possible(and Dre & Snoop TWICE!). I’m super stoked that I was given the opportunity to work Coachella again(first time was when I partnered with Jason Bentley in 2010). I had a blast working with The Airplane Boys, they’ve made me realize why Canada stays outputting amazing artists. Super thanks to them for bringing me out.

Whether I’m in the audience making new FB friends or backstage watching A$AP Rocky w/ Rihanna(Seriously, IT HAPPENED!), Coachella stays being one of the main events I look forward to each year. This was my 4th year in a row going and I’m counting the days until Coachella 2013. Can you say “Daft Punk”?

Instagram’d – doritos loccos tacos

The other night I called up my good friend, Maxstaar, to invite her out to get tacos with me from Taco Bell. To be honest, I’m reeeaaaally not a fan of Taco Bell.. Actually, I always do my best to avoid The Bell.

With tons of hatred towards said fast food spot, I was pretty surprised I was lured in, but that was AFTER I heard that they had tacos with Doritos shells! It was both Maxstaar and I’s first time testing out this giant chip stuffed with dip.  We were pretty astonished how delicious the collaboration was, IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Would I get it again? Nah.. I don’t like Taco Bell.