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Here comes the king

Last week I contacted my friend Mykola Dosenko, a pixel artist from Urkaine, to see if he wanted to collaborate with me on a project for Snoop Lion. I told him that we had a budget, but only 2 days to work on the project. With 48hrs before delivery, Mykola and I decided that he would design, and I would animate and edit the video. Our workflow was solid, the only thing hindering us was the fact that I live in the US and Mykola was in Ukraine. We squashed all that by deciding that we weren’t going to sleep. Here’s our product :]

I’m happy with how the vid turned out, especially since it’s a lyric video and with the time we were given. This is actually one of my favorite tracks from Snoop Lion project. Super thanks to Mykola for working close with me on this one, we had fun meeting via Google+ during it all. Shouts to the 10 hour time difference!!

Freak show festival 2012

I went to Freak Show Festival, a 3 day electro/psytrance music festival out in the La Jolla Indian Reservations. I went with my bestfriend, Ron, and our family friend Mariska.


img_0153  Mariska is an OG in the scene and was nice enough to drive us and get us into the event.

img_0154 I took this trip as an opportunity to test out my fancy Palladium boots that I recently got :].




img_0191 It was good vibrations all around.

img_0193 Was noming so hard on these the whole time!

img_0195 Fun times!

SF trip

Nothing excites me more than an impromptu trip out of Los Angeles, especially if it’s a trip up to the bay! I usually tend to hit up San Francisco at least once a year, it’s one of my most favorite cities to visit…


img_1388 I trekked it out with two of my best friends, Cory & Ron. We’ve been buddies since high school and were due for a weekend trip together.





img_1429 We crashed at Cory’s gf’s place in Daly City. She welcomed us with a killer dinner and desert!




img_1462 We had a big day ahead of us, it was fleet week in SF and we were headed to the Golden Gate Park for the Hardly Strictly Blugrass Festival.








img_1518 We had a blast at the festival, the vibes were perfect. We were most excited to see Les Claypool, the musician behind the South Park theme song. Since it was fleet week, the Blue Angels were flying above us which added a nice touch to everything.





img_1577 Afterward, we roamed the city.





img_1611 After roaming around in the city, we settled down in Little Italy for some food at Sodini’s. We had an awesome pie and I also spilled a friend’s glass of wine all over myself *OOPS*



img_1650 The next morning we headed over to Squat & Gobble for a nice breakfast before we hit the road back to Los Angeles. It’s crazy because I recently heard that Squat & Gobble was destroyed by a four-alarm fire :[

It was a refreshing and stress-free adventure to SF, can’t wait to go back.

MDBP 2012

Mad Decent wrapped up the summer with their block party that was presented by Puma. After taking the party to Toronto, Philly, New York, and Chicago, the yearly party had finally landed for it’s last stop in Los Angeles…


img_0550 After Jim-E Stack, Dexter Tortoriello of Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross helped warm up the incoming crowd.

img_0614 This was my first time seeing Riff Raff perform. Funny, because he was definitely at the office I work at a couple of weeks back.

img_0620 Say sups to Jason and Maxstaar!

img_0722 Want to get the ladies? Jump in the Mad Decent taco suit!


img_0762 Casey Veggies has been a buddy of mine since high school. Great to see him grow into the artist he is now. YNM.


img_0800 GlenJamn.com



img_0860 Bonde Do Role brought the Brazilian Funk to LA… They also poured milk on everyone…

img_0943 Say hi to Jasmine, she’s an awesome photographer.

img_0951 You already know my buddy, Rony. Check out his newly designed site!



img_0980 Friends everywhere!!!

img_0976 Oh hey, Theo…

img_0994 Munchi‘s new stuff destroyed the crowd!

img_1008 Girl with bun filming stuff? <33333333

img_1022 I don’t even know….

img_1069 I ran into my buddy, Caroline[Flaunt], right before Theophilus jumped on stage!





img_1185 As weird as it may sound, I believe this was my first time seeing Theophilus London perform… I think? Either way, he showed everyone a good time!!

img_1222 Super thanks to everyone who worked on the block party, it’s awesome seeing a bunch of buddies work together to put on a free show for the people who support their music!!!