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Lets go Dodgers! 7/28/07

After my tiring day of filming, I ended up hanging out with my good friend Ron. He had free tickets to the Dodger game so we chose to spend our night there.

Once we got their we noticed that we got WAAAAY better seats than we thought.

All-in-all it was pretty chill. Dodgers lost.

How many of us have them? Friends!!

I would like to make a shout out to two of my friends who have chosen to help me out.
So I found the tripod I broke on Ebay for hella(Yes Greg from Pandatoes, I said ‘hella’) cheap. If you didn’t know the tripod I broke is very rare and the company doesn’t make them anymore nor does the company even exist.

So my friend Carlosoffered to pay for it since I don’t have a job or money to buy a new one. Unfortunately Carlos doesn’t have a Ebay account so there was no way for him to bid on it. I then talked to my good friend Ron to see if he can bid on the tripod and I’ll pay him back afterwards. Ron was more than willing to bid on the tripod without a doubt. Thanx guys!