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SF:day 2

Day 2.

There’s nothing like waking up to Spongebob. There was a cafe right next to the motel we were staying at, it was hella nice. They make amazing omelettes. Seriously the BEST omelette I’ve ever had….EVER.

After the nice breakfast we did some sightseeing around SF.

We then had to head out to AT&T park to be bussed out to treasure island…..

Wednesdays 9/10/08

Usually all the fun stuff that goes down for me is during the weekend. During the week I’m at school or AA(on fridays). Well here are one of the better days during the week….

Got to school(Pico Tech AKA SMC) a bit early….

This is what happens when I get bored in 3d class. I attempt to make homer simpson(still working on it), now we have to make a fruit bowl by next week. out of spheres and stuff….

So I finally have a college friend, we actually went out to eat some Titos….Titos has one of the best salsas I’ve ever had.

I was also taken to try Boba for the first time today. It’s pretty good(well what I had), It was a spot on sawtelle near Giant Robot. Wrd.

ADR on a Friday

So today for Whoopi vs Silentbat 2 (the film I’m working on), we had to finish up ADR with Cecil and Lonnie. Automated dialogue replacement or Additional dialogue recording (ADR) is a film sound technique involving the re-recording of dialogue after filming.

Our first stop was the Grove to get an adapter from the Apple store. Unfortunately, the adapter was way over priced so we were outtie.

We then went to a art store to pick up some supplies. In the parking lot there was this car that was bombed in stickers and spray paint.

We finally arrived at Cecil’s house and we immediately started to eat.

Cecil was eating some weird shrimp or crab.. I don’t know what it is, but he was eating it with hot sauce.

Carlos, Lonnie, and I decided to munch on some delicious White Castle cheeseburgers.

I also played with his dog Sebastian.

After stuffing our faces we chatted for a bit in Cecil’s room while waiting for Antoine and his bro to come.

Once Antoine and his brother arrive we started our ADR session right away.

So we worked….

and worked…

A lil joking around.

Then we had a break and ate these cookies to celebrate a holiday (I’m sorry I forgot the name of it).

After waking up lonnie…

It was then his turn to help us with recording.

In between our breaks we had a pretty intense discussion about creating a website and other secret stuff.

Then we got back to finishing the last bits of recording.

We even recorded foley sound for random parts in our film.

After recording we hopped back into the Hybrid and decided to go get some food. By this time it was already 10:00. It took us about 5 hours to record and everything!

We ended the day/night at Roscoe’s, it was delicious!