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More pics from Japan!

This is a continuation of my previous Japan post

DSC08518Burger Kings in Tokyo are way different from the states. Believe it or not, the Samurai Aka burger was really delicious. Note: I don’t eat Burger King in the states.

DSC08521 DSC08530 DSC08535Snaps of Shibuya. Where I spent most of my time when I left my Airbnb

DSC08593 DSC08542 DSC08546DSC08549 DSC08561 DSC08567DSC08590 DSC08587Misa was the first person I met up with when I got to Tokyo. When ended up at a restaurant where you can fish for your own food and they’ll cook it.

DSC08710 DSC08727Akihabara aka Electric City. If you’re obsessed with tech, anime and weirdness, you must go here!

DSC08762J Rocc of Beat Junkies spinning at Sound Museum Vision in Shibuya.

DSC08808Had a blast with these guys! Nothing like making new friends while traveling.

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SF trip

Nothing excites me more than an impromptu trip out of Los Angeles, especially if it’s a trip up to the bay! I usually tend to hit up San Francisco at least once a year, it’s one of my most favorite cities to visit…


img_1388 I trekked it out with two of my best friends, Cory & Ron. We’ve been buddies since high school and were due for a weekend trip together.





img_1429 We crashed at Cory’s gf’s place in Daly City. She welcomed us with a killer dinner and desert!




img_1462 We had a big day ahead of us, it was fleet week in SF and we were headed to the Golden Gate Park for the Hardly Strictly Blugrass Festival.








img_1518 We had a blast at the festival, the vibes were perfect. We were most excited to see Les Claypool, the musician behind the South Park theme song. Since it was fleet week, the Blue Angels were flying above us which added a nice touch to everything.





img_1577 Afterward, we roamed the city.





img_1611 After roaming around in the city, we settled down in Little Italy for some food at Sodini’s. We had an awesome pie and I also spilled a friend’s glass of wine all over myself *OOPS*



img_1650 The next morning we headed over to Squat & Gobble for a nice breakfast before we hit the road back to Los Angeles. It’s crazy because I recently heard that Squat & Gobble was destroyed by a four-alarm fire :[

It was a refreshing and stress-free adventure to SF, can’t wait to go back.

Baycities 10/7/09

Today I decided to take my new cam out to lunch with me in Santa Monica. I wanted to test it out because I wasn’t too sure if I liked it(compared to my Nikon), but the only shooting I did was in my room. So I ended up meeting my to homies, Steph and Erica. We met up at Baycities for some much needed sandwiches.

Anyone who hasn’t been to Baycities, must go! So good…

Is it me, or do all chicks always hold their BBs like this?


Little boots.

BB addict.

Lunch was definitely satisfying(always is at Baycities).

After playing around with my Canon outside for a bit, I’ve decided that I <3 it waaaay more than my Nikon :D. Back to the cave I go. Wrd.

Jazzi & m83 11/29/08

So my Saturday started off with me meeting up with my friend Jazzi at her new pad. Jazzi just moved back to L.A. from N.Y. two days ago and was just getting settled in.

Jazzi was choosing some new furniture with her roomate since their place is a bit empty.

While they did that, I browsed through Planet Mag, one of the companies Jazzi works for.

The original plan was for us to go to Pinks, but like always, there was a super long line. So we got hot dogs from Carneys.

After stuffing our faces, we went back to the pad to chill.

Unfortunately, Jazzi was still suffering from jet lag and was ready to crash. So I decided to head out to the Henry Fonda to see M83.

School of Seven Bells opened for M83. I was actually astonished how well they performed. I’m so use to crappy openers. *coughGIRLTALKOPENERScough*

Chill crowd.

M83 was definitely a mellow show for me. Instead of being surrounded with the usual teens(like myself) that bounce around pushing/crashing/shoving/hitting/fighting…etc, I was actually surrounded by a more mature audience that stood and nodded their heads to the music. Overall, I enjoyed M83 a lot.

I had to leave the show early since it was 12 something and I had no idea how I was going to get home.