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ELA in love at first bite

This video is truly amazing! about 98.% of it is greenscreen/3d work. I love when live action is composite with 3d, especially if it’s indie work.

Invasion! E.L.A. is a young girl in love back in home planet Earth. But the power of her love is too big to be limited to solely one being. An extremely bizarre love triangle unravels an invasion of epic proportions, and E.L.A. is set on an adventure to save planet Earth from the evil claws of Havra the Merciless!! Will she succeed on such risky endeavor? What´s the secret weapon that will help her defend us all from utter evilness and total destruction? It´s up to us to find out, on this high-paced special-effects driven adventure ride through space, low compression rates, pixels and love.”

Cobra vision

“Filmmaker Jenn Storms peeks through the lens of Mark Hunter, a goofy, charismatic Los Angels fixture with an eye for documenting scenester hotspots and late night adventures all over the world. “Cobra Vision” is a personal snapshot of Mark Hunter’s work and an indulgent look into the LA party scene. www.thecobrasnake.com”


Film life 8/23/04

Myself and others went to the Crystal Sky Office….google it..it’s pretty legit…

Steve Paul(IMDB him, also a legit producer), invited us to help him out with the film above…that’s all I can say….or i’ll get in trouble.

They also had a killer Tekken machine. It’s all about King and Eddy Gordo!

After the re-screening we went to go see the film above. Hella intense.

The place I use to live in Hollyhood…memories….

I ended my night by going to a going away party instead of HUSH HUSH…I wish I would’ve went to HUSH HUSH…

formal/party/recovery 8/21-22/08

For you guys that don’t know, for the WHOLE summer I’ve been in a film program. The first 4 weeks we spent our time in class at USC. For the next 4 weeks we go through pre-production, production, and post production for our films. At the very end we have a huge ceremony…

Dressing up is something we both don’t do. Kelsey and I both made a promise to wear dressy clothes for this event so that we wouldn’t feel too weird…mainly because our parents wanted us to.

There was a run-through when I went in the theatre and they were showing my film.

I also received an award/scholarship for the 2nd top edited sound…well that’s what the judges thought. The judges were from the Motion Picture Sound Editors, which is pretty huge, btw.

After the ceremony I went home to chill. Then around 1 a.m. I received a phone call asking if I was going to the party. So I went.

Say fuck that shit!


Annoying drunk people annoy me.


The next day(today), I was hella exhausted but I had to make my way to FOX studios.

It was koo. Oh, I saw the unreleased teaser/trailer to Notorious(Biggie Smalls movie) it was definitely epic shit!!! it comes out early 09.

I was on TV!!!!

Click the picture to watch the clip.
I gave them the good ol’ “this is the greatest experienced that has ever happened to me” LOL!
Media love that stuff though…wrd.