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48 hour film fest 10/25/08

The next day after Girl Talk I was super exhausted, I was awakened by a phone call from my friend Antoine. Antoine and I teamed up together once again to work on another film. My job was to be the editor(I have to be on a computer no matter what I do) and Antoine was the director.

We were all Mac’d out on set. We had 1 iMac, 2 Macbooks, 1 Macbook Pro, 1 iPhone, and 1 iPod.
We were also really pro when it came to our sets.
Unfortunately, I was stuck inside editing my life away. Infomercials FTW!!!
After our shoot we headed out to Denny’s around 6am.
The crew was pretty dead, because they haven’t slept in about 1 1/2 days…
I wasn’t dead though. I had a meal to devour.
We then rolled over to Starbucks because I had no place to edit. So we set up there so I could finish up the film.
Antoine was knocked out at Starbucks, except for in this pic.
Everything was finished 5 hours before the film needed to be turned in. It was a great shoot though.

Excitement I got 10/11/08

It’s funny how I was JUST complaining about how my week wasn’t super exciting. I am use to something major happening every week for me….well…it finally came on Saturday.

My day started with me hitting the skatepark in the morning. I haven’t skated in a while and there was a competition going on that I wanted to check out.

20 minutes after I got to the skatepark I got a text/call. My homie Etienne, I’ve blogged about him before. He was on that “My Super Sweet 16” show. His mom is actually one of the original dream girls and she was hosting a concert tonight that he needed me to cover.

In the beginning part of my day I forgot my camera battery(I hate when I do that).

After running home and grabbing my battery, I ended up at Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills.

Once I met up with Etienne he told me what was going down.

Sheryl Lee Ralph(The Host)

After I received all the info I had little time to snap some pics of the rehearsal.

The theatre was super nice.

I was then lugged up with hella camera equipment. Sorry for the blur.

A lot of my time was spent with the cast of B.E.T.’s Baldwin Hills. Etienne is actually the new cast member of the 3rd season. Speaking of Baldwin Hills, I’ve never been a fan of the show or the people on the show. But after I met these peeps, I found out that they’re a lot more chill in person, some even knew me when they saw me, which kinda surprised me. In conclusion, don’t let T.V. fool you.

Raven Symone performed her “new” stuff.

There was a good amount of R&B/soul artist out.

All-in-all, it was a great night. Usually I would post about the latest electro concert I’ve been to, but I decided to be a bit different this time. I was a lot different than what I’m use to doing though but a lot of fun.

A day in the valley 9/13/08

Before my major adventure, I had a luncheon with Friars Charitable Foundation. Basically lunch with old rich people whom are very generous with their money. Some were directors, others were composers…but all of them were old…Luckily, I didn’t document that part of my day.

After the lucheon I bus’d it out to Hollywood so I could get picked up by my friend Billimarie.

After being picked up, we headed back to Billi’s house where we discussed what was going down today. Billi works for Los Angeles IAM, a video journalism company that started off in Vancouver and ended it’s way in L.A. My job for today was to be her camera man and to capture everything that was interesting. Billi is doing a segment on the Cobalt, an all age venue welcoming all types of bands from Emo to Punk. I was also introduced to my weapon for the shoot. The Panny DVX100B, KILLER(Billi’s cam). After our chat, we took a visit to the Northridge mall.

Once we got to the mall we had a smoothie run and browsed around for a bit then headed back out. We had an adventure finding Billi’s car, after a good 10-15 minutes we finally found her car…that mission was epic.

Having a good amount of time before our shoot, we decided to break into a new school around Billi’s house….we didn’t destroy anything….just browsed around.

Another thing, how many schools post up shoe art? ILL.

Before officially heading out to shoot, we played some Wii(billi pwn’d me in the mario kart) and we also captured some footage from our day. Then we were outtie.

Everything went really well, Billi is editing all the footage.

Ended the night with pinkberry and a failed mission to get some cheap cheesecake, LUL.

Good day. Wrd.

Gotta stay productive

My life is seriously turning into a day in front of computers. I’m not complaining, I just hope not to go blind by the age of 24. I’ve been working on some stuff here and there. But I’m currently working on a film that will be submitted to the Sundance Film Fest. If it gets in I’ll be flying/driving out there for the festival of films.

Today I edited(the film for sundance) in an insane editing booth. It was made for editing whatever you want. From visuals to sounds. Pretty legit.