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A † the universe 10/31/08

While working at Apple I got a text from my “only friend” Michael(Your only friends) to see if he was still picking me up from work, so we could head out to the ‘A Cross the Universe‘ premiere.

The line wasn’t too bad, I heard it was actually better than the Soulwax premiere for ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies‘.

There was a good amount of people, most of them were there for the Busy P shoe release(which was the main event for the shoeheads there who didn’t know anything about Justice…)

Daft Punk is BACK!!!

I can gladly say that I was the first person in the theatre(big whoop). I sat in the waaaaay front.

The documentary was so good…though, I still am debating if it was better than ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies‘.

Afterward. Busy P, So-Me, Justice, and the director of the film came out for a Q&A. And yes, I did ask Xavier when their(Justice) next album was going to come out. Because of the thick accent, I couldn’t really understand his reply. Now it’s time for HARD…