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What an amazing day/night I had. It all started with the more formal stuff at an award show, which brought me back to…


For those who don’t know, around last week I was called in to work on the MPSE(Motion Picture Sound Editors) Award Show. They needed someone to edit the clips of the people who were nominated for an award. This was something pretty huge for me and it was my first time actually working in the “film industry”(doing digital compositing at American Apparel doesn’t count). Because of doing that work for them I was also invited to the award show.


There were mad heads in the audience, I could name drop for HOURS. I’m just going to say a few now….Danny Boyle(Slumdog millionaire director), George Lucas(Starwars Director), Per Hallberg(American Gangster Sound Editor)…Etc…

It was awesome seeing my work on two huge screens and 800+ people watching it. I definitely had a “Damn, never thought I would be doing this” moment.

I brought the dubstepping to the dance floor.


After the show I switched out of my dress clothes and decided to hit up the Daedelus show. It was kinda odd though…While looking for the Daedelus show, I ended up at the Crank Mob party.

Crank Mob parties are pretty sick.

I also ran into an old friend. I used to skate with this guy waaaay back when I was like 13 and he was like 11.

More homies.

Daedelus performance was beyond amazing, super nice guy too!

When I went outside there was a huge crowd and then I saw this dude riding a green flamingo. It was odd.

He has a party/show called DANCEism coming up soon.

I then met up with Holly and her peeps. We decided to hit up one more party because the night was still early. So I got directions via iPhone and they followed me back to…


We’d chose to hit up Dan Oh’s bday party. I believe Glenjamn was the photographer for the event.

Them Jeans KILLED it. Anyone who was there would definitely agree with me.

Up next was the birthday boy himself, Dan Oh.

This is what happens when Daft Punk is played around Glen. Actually, I have no idea what was going on here. Explain?


It was killer.

Pase Rock was the special guest for the night.

Don’t know who these guys are…but they asked me to take a picture of them.


Peace DTLA. See you soon.

American Cinema Editors 2/15/09

So a week back I was invited to attend ACE(American Cinema Editors) Eddie Awards. At first, I was planning to just pass up the offer, but after giving the invitation some thought, I decided to go. I’m very glad I did. I met tons of editors like myself… well, actually.. Here’s how my day went…

The award show was located at The Beverly Hilton on Wilshire and Santa Monica. The place was super nice/posh/sweet/rich/daaaaaaamn. When I got there, there was an AVID(media composer software…FCP FTW!) Reception on the roof, with an open bar!

The food was delish(sushi). I didn’t really stack up on the alchy(not huge on drinking), but I did grab a few Cheryl Temples.

Afterward, I went downstairs for the award show. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, probably because everyone was an editor.