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Hanging with dan 4/29/11

Since accepting a position as visual production coordinator, life has turned into crazy-epicness. It’s awesome, but it’s crazy. For work today, we hung out with the composer of Dexter, Dan Licht. That’s all I can say really, here are some pictures. lol.




sdim0069 It was fun times, I’ll let you guy know what it was for later ;).

Bye 2010(2010 wrap-up)

Wow… 2010 was a great year, I don’t really know where to start. I always get kinda nervous at the beginning of each year, because I never really know what to expect. Luckily, I went into 2010 with goals I wanted to accomplish. I knew I wanted to meet people, create cool shit, learn, and have amazing adventures. Throughout the year I was able to go down the list and check those goals off…

Golden reel awards 2/20/10 —

img_1377 My first highlight of 2010 was doing work for MPSE(Motion Picture Sound Editors) awards for my 2nd time. I was the one who digitized and edited the nominees for the show. It was amazing, because I had people like Steven Spielberg(who’s awesome, btw!) watching my stuff!

img_1390 It was a lot of work, but I had a grand time with it all.

Shooting with bob 3/11/10 —

img_2143 I love doing work with new people. When my filmschool buddy, Tracy, contacted me to assist with Hell’s Angel’s main photographer, Bob Grigg, for a shoot. I was more than ready to get down with setting up his workflow and the scene.


yh5i3673 Thanks Tracy and Bob!

Coachella 2010

img_0654 This is me prepped and ready for an epic weekend at Coachella. At the time, I didn’t know what that weekend was going to bring me, but I did know that I had my hands full with tons of tasks.

img_1465 Melissa(right) was kind enough to trek me out to Coachella that weekend. I was doing coverage for her company Zodiac USA.


img_1178 Besides doing work for Zodiac USA at Coachella, I also was the one in charge of Jason Bentley’s visuals for his set in the Sahara tent. I had about 2 days to create multiple clips for his set. It was awesome seeing my work up on huge displays in front of tons of people.



img_1865 Once Coachella was over, we still had a shoot to wrap in Palm Springs. We were all incredibly exhausted. I was filming and Rony was shooting. It was good/tiring times in scorching desert.

Milking it… —

img_7376 Right after Coachella, I was booked to film Fergie for her footwear line.

img_7176 I was shooting at Milk Studios for the first time. The place was huge and I was definitely nervous to shoot Fergie-Ferg.

img_7376 It was an incredible shoot, Fergie was a lot of fun to work with.

An accomplishment? —

I received this image in a email from Jason not too long after Coachella. Believe or not, I may have kinda teared up a bit. Not only is it a great picture of my visuals, but this moment was also captured by LIFE, which is crazy!

Until next summer–

I also collabed with Alexander Spit for his mixtape, Until Next Summer. It was fun working with him on the trailer while he was finishing up his project.

Mobile flicks – EDC

Back Camera It’s kinda funny how things worked in 2010. I was working with the film crew at EDC(Electric Daisy Festival)as the crew assistant. Once word went around that I’ve done camera work, I was immediately promoted to work as 1st AC on the crane at the main stage.

Back Camera

Back Camera It was a lot of fun working EDC… And kinda a bit weird since I was actually working the event instead of attending it.

Tron installation —


img_6134 Jason Bentley invited me over to contribute clips  at the Tron installation during Comic Con. I drove all the way out to SD just so I could get my stuff up there. It was so worth it… I mean.. It’s Tron.



img_6206 Attending SIGGRAPH opened my eyes to my passion towards technology and CGI. I’m pretty sure I had a geekattack there.

Nocturnal 9/25/10 —


img_6446 Doing visuals with D Block and Tek at Nocturnal was incredibly fun. It was awesome working with those guys.

Nike —

I even worked on my first commercial this year. I was incredibly stoked to work on a commercial for them.

I will definitely miss 2010, so many great memories that will never be forgotten. I’m incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that came my way. Being only 20 and being able to experience the stuff I have has been crazy! Super thanks to friends and family

The craziness has yet to come to a halt, tons of great stuff is coming in 2011. Thanks, if you been reading this blog since my highschool days(or even now!), a lot has changed since then, so stay tuned-in for much adventures to come. -Whoopi

Milking it…

A couple of days back I was invited to work a shoot for a certain artist. Well today, I went to the studio where the shoot was held, and I must say that this place was MASSIVE!!!!

img_7176 The shoot took place at Milk Studios in Hollywood. I’ve been to tons of lots/stages, but this one is by far my favorite!!!

img_7234 They even have a cool restroom, just look at it!

img_7210 I happened to bump into my friend Daryl, he works at Milk as an intern.

img_7376 It was tons of fun being around great people who worked together to get the job done. I really do miss being on set, I don’t do it much… most of the time, I’m just in front of the computer editing away.

img_7390 I was geeking OUT!!!!

img_7446 Can’t wait until this is released, then I could tell you who I worked with :D. Stay posted!!!

Valentines with eddie 2/14/10

I’m pretty much a scrooge during Valentines day(well recently), but I’ll never let a holiday that I’m not too fond of stop me from having fun. I started my Valentines around 1:30am while leaving temporary spaces…

img_0990 After tearing up the dance floor, Sasha and I realized that we haven’t gotten our moms gifts for Valentines day yet. We then mashed over to the nearest CVS drugstore and made sure to grab something to present to our moms when we got home.

img_1002 Afterward we hit up Jerry’s off of Beverly to grab some grub

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At night after work, I met up with some I.C.F. film school peeps at  the A.C.E.(American Cinema Editors) Eddie Awards. This was my second time being invited and attending this award show.

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My homie Morgan Freeman was in the house to present an award. You think his voice sounds amazing in movies and shii?!? Well, he sounds A LOT better in real LIFE!!!

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The night ended with Michelle Rodriguez and I kicking it and conversing about her working with James Cameron in Avatar… Ok, I’m lying… She was actually my Valentines date for the show, that’s all…

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It was good times at the Eddie Awards this year, met tons of great people that reminded me why I love being an editor so much! Check out MORE pics after the JUUUMP!

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