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MDBP 2012

Mad Decent wrapped up the summer with their block party that was presented by Puma. After taking the party to Toronto, Philly, New York, and Chicago, the yearly party had finally landed for it’s last stop in Los Angeles…


img_0550 After Jim-E Stack, Dexter Tortoriello of Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross helped warm up the incoming crowd.

img_0614 This was my first time seeing Riff Raff perform. Funny, because he was definitely at the office I work at a couple of weeks back.

img_0620 Say sups to Jason and Maxstaar!

img_0722 Want to get the ladies? Jump in the Mad Decent taco suit!


img_0762 Casey Veggies has been a buddy of mine since high school. Great to see him grow into the artist he is now. YNM.


img_0800 GlenJamn.com



img_0860 Bonde Do Role brought the Brazilian Funk to LA… They also poured milk on everyone…

img_0943 Say hi to Jasmine, she’s an awesome photographer.

img_0951 You already know my buddy, Rony. Check out his newly designed site!



img_0980 Friends everywhere!!!

img_0976 Oh hey, Theo…

img_0994 Munchi‘s new stuff destroyed the crowd!

img_1008 Girl with bun filming stuff? <33333333

img_1022 I don’t even know….

img_1069 I ran into my buddy, Caroline[Flaunt], right before Theophilus jumped on stage!





img_1185 As weird as it may sound, I believe this was my first time seeing Theophilus London perform… I think? Either way, he showed everyone a good time!!

img_1222 Super thanks to everyone who worked on the block party, it’s awesome seeing a bunch of buddies work together to put on a free show for the people who support their music!!!


This week I went over to SIGGRAPH  that was being held in Downtown at the Los Angeles Convention Center. SIGGRAPH is an international conference and exhibit that concentrates on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Said event exposes a lot of up-and-coming tech that will be booming in the VFX industry in the next couple of years. Being the geek I am, I had to attend to test out the toys!!








img_9843 I was like a kid in a candy store. There was tons of motion capture tech, tons of augmented reality, tons of 3d scanners, tons of hardware, tons of software, and tons of drool on the floor… I had a blast. Stoked to see that tech is heading in the right direction. For companies that build hardware, they’re heavily keeping software in mind by making sure they work hand-in-hand. Plus, I was seeing a lot more consumer-friendly products, which is great for the indies. Super thanks to Intel for the free badges!

Comic-con 2012

I’m a huge fan of geek events like SIGGRAPH, Anime Expo, Quakecon, E3, and Comic-Con, to name a few. When I got word from my coworker that I wasn’t going to miss Comic-Con(I missed E3 and Anime Expo this year already!), I was incredibly stoked to make the trek to SD…



img_9763 This was my second time attending SDCC. The first time was back in 2010 for work when I was doing visuals for the Tron Installation. So I guess this was my first time fully experiencing Comic-Con.



img_9755 Comics were everywhere! I never was reeeeaaally into comics growing up, thanks to the home computer.  Shout out to generation Twitter!!!







img_9744 Real fanboys(and girls) know that 70 percent of Comic-Con is all about what character you come dressed as. It’s a great opportunity for make-up artist, costume designers, and creatives to show there work. DIY or nothing.


img_9700 I also learned how to pronounce “Wacom”

img_9726 Towards the end of the day I bumped into Matt Groening. I geeked out from afar and started snapping pics. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to get in line to meet him :[.


img_9774 I ended my day with this.

Seis de mayo

I didn’t really go out on Cinco De Mayo, mostly because people dedicate said holiday to drinking… and I don’t drink. The day after was a whole ‘nother story! Seis De Mayo was fun times, got to hang out with buddies I don’t usually see and got to grab some grub…

img_9117 Seis De Mayo started at Rony’s(Rony’s Photobooth) place out in Eagle Rock.




img_9130 I love parties at Rony’s place, it’s always like a huge photo shoot for a lookbook in his backyard. Yeah, that’s what it’s like.

img_9131 After Rony’s, I headed over to Mike, Dan, and Jason’s housewarming party in Mt. Washington. It was a lot more mellow than the previous party I was at, but the vibes were just right.





img_9167 It was a fun get-together and their new place is super nice. We ended the night pinata bashing(Is it weird to call it that?) and eating the candy that was spilling out of the pinata’s guts.

Coachella 2012

I think I’m finally fully recovered from Coachella, guys. Going both weekends definitely wasn’t easy for me, but I got threw it and had blast…

img_0295 A couple weeks prior to Coachella, I spent tons of hours rehearsing with The Airplanes Boys. They grabbed an evening spot at the Gobi tent on Sunday and I was lucky enough to be handling the stage production for their set(hence the reason why I was there for both weekends).


img_8932 Our awesome publicists, Kristen, was killing it with booking interviews for the guys. I never ran around to so many interviews before, it’s was lot of work!














img_8873 Since I was fortunate enough to go to both Coachella weekends, I made sure to see as many artists as possible(and Dre & Snoop TWICE!). I’m super stoked that I was given the opportunity to work Coachella again(first time was when I partnered with Jason Bentley in 2010). I had a blast working with The Airplane Boys, they’ve made me realize why Canada stays outputting amazing artists. Super thanks to them for bringing me out.

Whether I’m in the audience making new FB friends or backstage watching A$AP Rocky w/ Rihanna(Seriously, IT HAPPENED!), Coachella stays being one of the main events I look forward to each year. This was my 4th year in a row going and I’m counting the days until Coachella 2013. Can you say “Daft Punk”?