Prepping for christmas

It’s that time of year, that’s right, It’s the holiday season. I’ve always been a fan of the holiday season, there’s tons of joy and people are happier than usual. To be honest, I’m posting this while listening to the Jackson 5 Christmas album…


Today I went to Toys R Us to purchase 2 toys to donate to an organization(still looking for one). I think it’s important for every kid to have a present to wake up to on Christmas day, only because I know what it’s like to not have a Christmas(Christmas has been canceled on me TWICE when I was a kid, that’s another story though). So hopefully I’ll make two kids happy with what I got them.


It was super hard looking for two toys, I kinda feel bad for parents now… It’s hard, Really! In the end, I settled for an Elmo doll and an Optimus Prime action figure.


When I got home I saw that I had mail from my friend Switch. I was pretty psyched when I got this, Thanks bro!





Later in the night my family and I decorated the tree, It’s kinda a family tradition of ours. Each ornament on the tree relates to us somehow, It was a fun way to gather up and enjoy each others company.