Respect The West 2013 Stage Setup

For the past couple of years I’ve been working more and more in live production. It started with me creating stage content for Jason Bentley at Coachella in 2010, 3 years later I’ve now worked the top events and festivals in California doing live stage production.

This week my job, Cashmere Agency, held an event for Adidas Originals called “Respect The West”. Said event is a showcase that brings the top west coast artists to perform for one night in LA. Cashmere gave me the budget and opportunity to take over the whole visual experience of our Respect The West event, so I decided to bring in some killer toys and make it epic…

addidas-5 I went through a couple of stage renders for this event, but had to change the render up a couple of times due to budget constraints. I learned to scale down, while still keeping the quality of the experience at the same level. It was my first time designing a stage with multiple elements, I’m usually used to just throwing in a projector or two, but this time around I had LED walls, plasma TVs, and projectors. I wanted to amplify the live experience as much as possible.



dsc00582-copy Anxiety was trolling me hard the day of the event. I had a crew working hard bringing my stage render to life, my main concern was time. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to setup my computers in time since I had to do projection and pixel mapping. I was sending out 3 different signals, 1 to the projectors, 1 to the plasmas, and another to the LED walls. Luckily I had a Retina Macbook Pro and a 12-core Mac Pro to handle the load.



dsc00592-copy I was incredibly stoked when we were all setup and running.



dsc00607-copy Opening look. Pixels never looked so sexy.


dsc00623-copy Everything went as planned with minor technical difficulties. Adidas Originals couldn’t be more happy about the look, feel, and overall execution of the event.

It all came together with 45 Modular LED panels, 8 46″ plasma HDTVs, 2 projectors, a Retina Macbook Pro, and a 12-core Mac Pro.

Xbox One Launch LA

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I ended up at the launch party for the Xbox One last week. I’ve been loyal to the console since the beginning and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Microsoft’s next generation entertainment system.





dsc00451-copy The event took play in Hollywood at Milk Studios. It was packed full of celebrities, YouTube stars, professional gamers, and fanboys.



dsc00368-copy Forza Mortorsport had a pretty nice setup in VIP. I was way too distracted by the Audi R8 to actually put my hands on the game.




dsc00445-copy The highlight of the night was the 2-hour set from Deadmau5. The Mau5 and Microsoft have an awesome relationship, it was great to get an intimate show from him outside of the music festivals I’ve been to.

Xbox nailed it with this launch party, it definitely eased the strobing pain in my wallet after buying the Day One unit. Can’t wait to start playing.

Retina iPad Mini

I may have gone on a pretty ridiculous mission to get the new Retina iPad mini that Apple made quietly available today. It all started when I was in my office and my coworker, who is also an Apple fanboy, convinced me that we should pick up our minis. We called around to multiple stores, but they were all sold out. Using the Apple Store app we were able to find a store that still had the mini in stock. Unfortunately, it was the Apple Store all the way in Thousand Oak that was holding our tablets hostage. On our lunch break we took the 45 minute mission to retrieve our iPads, it was definitely worth every mile.

This would be my second iPad I’ve owned. I received the iPad 2 for my 21st birthday 2 years ago and haven’t stopped using it until now. The retina iPad mini blows my previous tablet away! The mini looks, feel, and interacts better than my previous one. I was pretty astonished how much more I enjoy apps like Tumblr, Alien Blue, and Twitter on the mini’s display, since I downgraded from the iPad 2’s massive 9.7 inch display.  Though the screen is smaller in size, it’s still packing a retina display which makes the content you’re viewing pop. With it being more mobile than it’s big brother, I can now incorporate it fully with my daily routine without hesitating if I really want to lug around a 1.4lb device. I’m really looking forward to using the mini to it’s full potential.