We Are NRG

I was sent down to San Bernardino by V Squared Labs to handle live stage production for Insomaniac’s sold out event, We Are NRG. This major EDM event was fueled by the top DJs with insane visual production to amplify the overall experience…

dsc02585-copy Before the event started, I had to make sure my pixel map was perfect. I tweaked around the mapping the night before, but made some minor adjustments once I was all plugged in the day of the show.




dsc02621-copy It was pure energy once the show started. For 9 hours, I was pushing live visuals to a massive stage for thousands to see.


I’m back in Los Angeles and fully recovered from SXSW. I was out in Austin, Texas to handle live stage production for my job’s  showcase, Respect The West. This was my second time attending  SXSW, and it was nonstop the whole time…






dsc01643-copy Once I landed, I took a taxi over to meet up with the rest of the Cashmere Agency team at AirBnB park. We produced an awesome event with AirBnB showcasing Snoop’s Dogg House and the top west coast hip-hop producers.



dsc01828-copy Later that I night I ended up at a Media Temple’s party that was filled with Def Jam artiss. I was actually in line to get into the event and ended up meeting two peeps from Google who were able to get me +3 of my coworkers in. It was a packed event – I saw Pusha T, Method Man & RedMan, 2 Chainz, and Schoolboy Q. I never knew Media Temple, a web hosting provider, could throw such an massive party.





dsc02430-copy Respect The West was the next day. We had a super early load-in time with multiple production crews running around. I was handling the stage production which consisted of 8  x 55″ vertical displays + 4 LED light bars(You can check out more on my stage setup on my Behance). Though we had a couple of hiccups, we did manage to pull off another successful event that consisted of awesome guests and performances.


dsc02469-copy My last day in Austin was spent meeting with my buddy, Sam, that I used to work with at Apple 3 years ago. Sam currently works as an engineer at Mutual Mobile, a consulting firm that specializes in building mobile experiences. I was able to check out their office full of standings desks and thousands lines of code being written.

dsc02470-copy Austin was exciting, stressful, and of course, weird. Can’t wait to go back.

Last Project of 2013. First Project of 2014.

There’s nothing like wrapping the year and finishing your final projects. 2013 was swamped with projects from all directions. I was overwhelmed, stoked, and incredibly stressed out, but in the end, I was super grateful for all the opportunities. For me, my last project of 2013 was a pretty big deal.


At the end of October I was approached by our producer at work about taking lead on a music video for Snoop Dogg’s(aka Snoop Lion) song “Get Away.” Snoop’s manager, Ted Chung, had expressed that he wanted me to fully direct a piece and that I would be free to do whatever I want. Though I was given creative freedom, it was hinted that he did want something in the style of a lyric video I did for Snoop at the end of 2012. Immediately I knew I had to bring in my good friend and awesome pixel artist, Myk, to help me out on this project since the theme of my treatment revolved around 90s video games.


Due to time constraints and other projects I was working on, the music video had to compromise. Myk and I had to pull out a 3D scene to make the delivery date, we planned on Snoopifying the indie video game, “Fez.” Luckily, we  were able to make the deadline to send out to Machinima for them to post it onto their YouTube page.

Google Glass Pick Up

Earlier this week I received an invite to join Google’s Explorers Program. The program allows devs, bloggers, geeks, and Google fanboys to get involved early with Google Glass. Those early adopter are then apart of a team that shapes the future of Glass…

dsc00763-copy After making an appointment, I dropped by Google’s HQ in Venice Beach to pick up my Glass.



dsc00727-copy I was brought into a Glass setup room where I was partnered with a Glass Specialist for an intimate walkthrough of the device.



dsc00697-copy Unboxing Google Glass was mindblowing. I was astonished by the amount of tech that was packed into such a small device. After syncing up with my Glass, I quickly realized that this bit of hardware is next up. It may look ridiculous, but the experience reminded me of the first time I got my hands on the first iPhone, it made sense and worked. Wearable tech is on it’s way to our lives, get ready.

dsc00754-copy Once I was done being setup, I was given an awesome tour of Google’s campus. Check out their famous Google Doodles hall!