AIAIAI TMA-1: Fool’s Gold Edition

I’ve been meaning to purchase a new pair of headphones for a while now and it finally happened while I was going through an Amazon binge the other night. I decided to make the move toward a pair of AIAIA’s. There has been  a lot buzz around their products and I really admire the direction the Denmark brand has been going in since they emerged in 2014. What sold it for me was the collab they did with independent record label, Fool’s Gold.

DSC05507 copy aiaiai aiaiai2_3 DSC05522 copy

“THE PRESSURE” Behind the scenes

I was brought on by my buddy Calmatic and Donald Glover to handle VFX for Jhene Aiko’s for here latest music video “The Pressure.” Besides from waiting on the footage to work on, I made sure to drop by the set to make sure each scene was shot properly, so that it would be easy for me in post-production…

DSC04557 copy DSC04542 copy DSC04563 copy DSC04560 copyCheck out the video and more in my portfolio.

Canada Trip

I’m just now starting to travel a bit more. I recently got the opportunity to do some live production work out in Toronto at Digital Dreams Music Festival. My buddies over at VT Production commissioned me to handle stage production for the recently reunited house DJ duo, Deep Dish…

DSC04227 copy DSC04232 copyMy awesome hotel and view. I was definitely Tweeting Drake lyrics before and after I took these pics. #Started

DSC04239 copy DSC04250 copy DSC04253 copyLoad-in was pretty smooth for us. VT Production made an awesome light setup for the duo that amplifies their overall performance. Normally I handle live visuals, but this was my first time actually working with lighting for a show this massive.

DSC04256 copy DSC04295 copy DSC04307 copy DSC04323 copyDeep Dish’s headlining set went super smooth. I enjoyed listening to their set just as much as I enjoyed running their lights and visuals. It was all a lot of fun.

DSC04349 copy DSC04357 copyThe aftermath of a music festival. Big thanks to VT Production, Deep Dish, and Live Nation for having me!

I’m a Simpson!

I just want to start by saying that I’m a MASSIVE fan of The Simpsons. For the past 5 months, my friend Brittani, who works for the animated series, has been telling me that she has a belated Christmas present for me… I NEVER thought it would be THIS! Brittani partnered up with the Asst. Director of The Simpsons, Edwin Aguilar, to make me into a Simpson! Super shout to Brittani for this.