Estoe And Jim

Being 24 I’m starting to experience and embrace being an adult. It’s weird… I don’t really consider myself an adult. Yes, I have a full-time job at a marketing agency, pay my own bills, own a car that I bought and haven’t asked my mom for money since I graduated from high school. But I still eat candy until my stomach hurts, watch cartoons religiously, have crap grammar, own every gaming console and can write an essay out of emojis(wait what?) – So technically, I’m still a Toys R US kid.

Though I don’t really consider myself a grownup, a lot of my close friends are starting to jump right into adulthood. A couple weeks ago I confirmed my attendance to my friend’s, Jimmy, wedding. As the event neared, I realized that I was in no way shape or form prepared. I asked around my older friends for help on what I should wear and what I should bring as a gift. I was overwhelmed, but completely up for the challenge…

DSC06453 copy

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HARD DOTD 2014: Pink Stage

For the Halloween weekend I was hired by visual arts studio, V Squared Labs, to handle live production at HARD Day of the Dead, a 2-day music festival out here in Los Angeles. Here are some pics of the stage setup I ran that weekend.

DSC05999 copyDSC06285 copy DSC06095 copyDSC06120 copyDSC06373 copy

Keezy Drummer

An iPad Air 2 arrived in my mailbox the other day and I’ve been full hands-on with it. One of the main apps I’ve been spending a bulk of my airtime with is Keezy Drummer by software studio, Elepath.

Keezy Drummer makes building percussion patterns easy and fun for anyone!

36 Hours in Amsterdam

Last weekend I was flown out to The Netherlands to do some live production work for Deep Dish at a massive show at Amsterdam Dance Event. ADE is the biggest EDM club festival in the world, with 300 events in five days…

DSC05773 copy DSC05777 copy DSC05806 copySpent 9 hours flying to Amsterdam via KLM.

DSC05811 copyThe highlight of my trip was taking a Tesla Taxi from the airport to my hotel. Never felt so future.

DSC05827 copy DSC05829 copy DSC05836 copy

DSC05841 copyMy stay at Lloyd Hotel was short, but very awesome. Loved their breakfast and the room I was put in.

DSC05853 copyDSC05875 copy DSC05876 copyDSC05847 copy DSC05885 copyAfter a short nap I made my way over to Media Haven to set up for the show. I was geeking out over the stage setup.

DSC05923 copyDSC05956 copy DSC05931 copy This was the longest show I’ve ever worked on. From 10pm to 8am everyone was full blown dancing. I had a lot of fun with this production.

DSC05962 copy DSC05971 copy DSC05974 copyA couple of hours after I was done working, I grabbed another omelette and headed  back  to LA.